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Spinach Mandarin Salad

This luscious spinach mandarin salad combines, well, baby spinach and sweet mandarin orange slices to create a colorful and delicious salad. A well-balanced dressing of balsamic vinegar and honey-mustard [more…]

Pressure Cooker Minestrone Soup

With this pressure cooker adaptation of minestrone soup, you’ll never have to resort to canned soups again! This version of minestrone soup cooks in only 10 minutes. [more…]

Spicy Indian Chickpea Stew

This spicy Indian chickpea stew mixes Indian spices with the chickpeas to create a wonderful entree. Make spicy Indian chickpea stew when you want something really flavorful, and serve it with basmati [more…]

Cucumber and Wakame Salad

This light, refreshing cucumber and wakame salad possesses just the right amount of thin, crunchy cucumber in proportion to delightfully chewy wakame seaweed, to tease your palate into wanting more. [more…]

Harvest Vegetable Soup

This simple vegetable soup has the flavor and aroma of newly picked vegetables and herbs. You add texture to this soup with a crunchy bread and Parmesan topping. You also can add more of your favorite [more…]

Baba Ghanoush (Eggplant Dip)

The grill’s unique ability to impart rich, smoky flavor gives this Middle Eastern eggplant dip, baba ghanoush, its very special taste. Baba ghanoush makes a tasty appetizer, served with grilled pita bread [more…]

Bruschetta with Tomatoes

Bruschetta with tomatoes is a classic summertime favorite. However, good bruschetta with tomatoes depends on really ripe tomatoes. Give this recipe a try when it’s local tomato season; otherwise, you may [more…]


Hummus is a smooth, creamy, and garlicky dip or spread that’s made primarily from garbanzo beans (also called chickpeas). Hummus is enjoyed throughout the Middle East and typically is served in a shallow [more…]

Spring Vegetable Rice Soup

After a long winter, this especially fresh-tasting vegetable rice soup puts you in the mood for spring. In this recipe for spring vegetable rice soup, you don’t have to use all the vegetables listed in [more…]

Garden Pasta Salad with Beets and Goat Cheese

Although beets’ red color tends to run, the beets add a wonderful sweetness to this pasta salad — so what if your pasta salad is a little red? You can use whatever kind of pasta you prefer, but this recipe [more…]

Tabbouleh (Bulghur Wheat Salad)

Tabbouleh is a salad that’s usually made with bulghur wheat, tomatoes, parsley, mint, onions, lemon juice, and olive oil. To make tabbouleh, you first have to soak the bulghur in boiling water until soft [more…]

Creamy Pumpkin Spread

Slightly sweet with a rich pumpkin flavor, this spread is good served on toasted English muffins, bagels, or toasted French bread rounds. This pumpkin spread also works as a dip for apple and pear slices [more…]

Avocado with Broccoli and Carrot Slaw

Crisp, shredded broccoli and carrot are a great match for buttery avocado. This salad mixes all three vegetables into a tasty avocado, broccoli, and carrot combo. [more…]

Mushroom Salad

You can make this mushroom salad in a snap. Try to use cremini mushrooms if you can, because their strong, woodsy flavor makes this salad special.

Preparation time: [more…]

Three-Bean Salad

This classic 1950s three-bean salad tastes much better when made with cooked dried beans and fresh green beans, rather than canned beans. Prepare the salad the day before because the beans need to marinate [more…]

Orange and Radish Salad

Serve this orange and radish salad with a simple entree to let the salad be the star. The colorful oranges and radishes are a feast for the eyes, as well as the palate. This salad tastes just as delicious [more…]

How to Make Tomato and Garbanzo Bean Salad

This is a vegetarian recipe that you may want to double. It’s absolutely delicious and tastes even better a day after you prepare it. This salad travels well and is pretty, so it’s a good choice for covered [more…]

Black Bean Dip Recipe

This vegetarian dip has a mild flavor and a smooth, creamy texture. With the salsa added, it works well as a dip for tortilla chips and for raw vegetable pieces such as broccoli and cauliflower florets [more…]

How to Make Fresh Avocado and Lime Dip

Enjoy this rich, mildly flavored vegetarian dip with tortilla chips, spread a layer on a sandwich, or fold some into a burrito. Avocado has a buttery consistency whether you mix the dip by hand or make [more…]

Recipe for Festive Broccoli Salad

The combination of green broccoli florets and red cherries makes this a lovely vegetarian dish. The blend of flavors is unique and delicious. You may as well double the recipe — this one doesn’t last. [more…]

Recipe for Goat Cheese and Arugula Salad with Lavender-Vanilla Vinaigrette

The only way to describe this vegetarian salad is “dreamy.” If you’ve never tasted lavender-infused dressing, the best way to describe it is that it tastes like it smells. This recipe is adapted from one [more…]

Recipe for Hummus

Hummus is a smooth, creamy, and garlicky dip or spread that’s made primarily from garbanzo beans, or chickpeas. This healthful vegetarian dish is enjoyed throughout the Middle East and typically is served [more…]

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