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Stuffed Oysters, Taranto-Style

Taranto-Style Stuffed Oysters is a delectable southern Italian dish that you can also make with littleneck or cherrystone clams. Oysters are tricky to work with — don’t attempt to open oysters yourself [more…]

How to Make Turkey Soup Out of Thanksgiving Leftovers

Most people have a mountain of leftover turkey the day after the big Thanksgiving meal. This soup is a creative and easy way to make use of those tasty leftovers, even if they are just scraps. [more…]

Christmas Eve Seafood Stew

An Italian Christmas Eve tradition involves a multi-course seafood dinner where you might enjoy a delicious seafood stew. This holiday dish is sure to impress. just round it off with some crusty bread [more…]

Herbed Asiago Cheese Crisps

Herbed Asiago Cheese Crisps are melted cheese rounds that make a great accompaniment to Christmas cocktails. To cut cost try using Swiss or cheddar cheese. You’ll still end up with an appetizer that people [more…]

How to Make a Three-Cheese Cheese Ball

One way to keep holiday entertaining costs low is to have a party with appetizers instead of a sit-down dinner. This Three-Cheese Cheese Ball is a perfect party food. Cheddar, port, and blue cheese combine [more…]

How to Make Christmas Salsa

Inexpensive to make, yet tasty, this bean and corn salsa is Christmas-colored with red peppers and fresh green cilantro. This is a great recipe to make with kids because, after measuring, all you do is [more…]

How to Make Caramelized Onion Dip

Onion dip is a party staple. To dress up this classic dip for Christmas gathering use caramelized onions. After tasting this recipe, you will never make onion dip with soup mix again. [more…]

Whole Roasted Garlic with French Bread

Whole roasted garlic has a deceptively sweet and slightly nutty flavor. — not strong and pungent as you might expect. Roasted garlic is an easy, inexpensive appetizer for Christmas gatherings. Garlic becomes [more…]

Easy Homemade Gravlax

If you find salmon on sale around Christmas time, gravlax makes a substantial appetizer to serve at your holiday gathering. Gravlax is an elegant addition to your appetizer repertoire. Raw salmon is cured [more…]

Quick and Easy Appetizers for Your Christmas Gathering

Appetizers are a must for holiday parties and meals. Many Christmas appetizers are time- and labor-intensive to prepare, but the following list of Christmas appetizer ideas offers timesaving selections [more…]

Creating an Antipasti Tray for Your Christmas Party

In Italy, antipasti can include rice dishes, egg dishes, fish and shellfish, and more, but for your pre-Christmas dinner purposes, a lighter selection is just fine and will fit into even a tight budget [more…]

How to Make Senate Bean Soup Mix

Senate Bean Soup Mix is a great Christmas gift for a busy friend or for someone who doesn’t cook much. This convenient bean soup mix will create a hot and hearty meal for some cold winter day. Just add [more…]

How to Make Shrimp Cocktail with Two Sauces

Christmas is a time to indulge both ourselves and our guests. If you're on a budget and want to serve one special treat at your Christmas gathering, shrimp fills the bill. There’s nothing wrong with a [more…]

Hearty Lentil Soup

Oh, you wise lentil lover! This homey, fragrant lentil soup tastes wonderful on a chilly day; and it has valuable nutrition and fiber. You can make this lentil soup without the ham or bone — just replace [more…]

Dairy-Free Broccoli and Cheddar Soup

Serve this hearty dairy-free soup with a chunk of crusty bread. Add a small dish of fresh fruit salad for a cool and refreshing accompaniment. For maximum creaminess, use plain soymilk or almond milk rather [more…]

Dairy-Free Confetti Cole Slaw

Cole slaw is a staple at any picnic or potluck dinner, although some are a tad on the boring side when they're made with dairy products. Why not add flair to your slaw and surprise everyone while keeping [more…]

Dairy-Free Cream of Tomato Soup

This homemade cream of tomato soup, made with soy or almond milk, will be an instant classic, especially when it’s paired with a grilled nondairy cheese sandwich and a crisp, tossed salad. [more…]

Dairy-Free Creamy Potato and Leek Soup

This nondairy soup is short on ingredients but long on taste. Leeks, which look like large green onions or scallions, give this soup a mildly sweet flavor that complements the potatoes. Pair this soup [more…]

Dairy-Free West African Peanut Soup

This delicious dairy-free African soup is traditionally served for celebrations and special occasions. It’s a great addition for a North American Thanksgiving or wintertime gathering. This nondairy soup [more…]

Dairy-Free Baba Ghanouj

Prepare this naturally dairy-free Middle Eastern eggplant dip and serve with toasted pita bread or crackers. Don’t limit this dairy-free delight to just a dip, it’s also thick enough to be used as a spread [more…]

Baked Dairy-Free Garlic Spread

If you like garlic this simple (two ingredients!) spread is a dairy-free delight. Smear the baked garlic on fresh French or Italian bread. Making this spread will make your house smell wonderful — although [more…]

White Truffle Bean Dip

This white truffle bean dip is perfect for your Christmas or holiday gathering. But this creamy dip is so quick and easy, you’ll make it more than once a year. The recipe can be made up to 1 day ahead, [more…]

Baked Brie with Roasted Apples for Your Christmas Party

This baked Brie with roasted apples is warm, gooey, delicious, and easy to make. Served with chunky homemade applesauce, it is a perfect appetizer for you Christmas or Thanksgiving party and is sure to [more…]

Dairy-Free Mucho Nachos

This tasty nacho recipe uses nondairy cheese and nondairy sour cream, but you won’t notice the difference between this version and one made with dairy-based ingredients — especially when you use traditional [more…]

Dairy-Free Bruschetta

A popular Italian appetizer, bruschetta is made with sliced rounds of bread that are brushed with olive oil, toasted, and topped with a variety of ingredients. [more…]


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