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Cajun Stuffed Mushrooms

These gluten-free Cajun stuffed mushrooms are tangy and will tantalize the tip of your tongue. But if you want your Cajun stuffed mushrooms to be five-alarm, then use gluten-free hot sausage and add more [more…]

Tabbouleh (Bulghur Wheat Salad)

Tabbouleh is a salad that’s usually made with bulghur wheat, tomatoes, parsley, mint, onions, lemon juice, and olive oil. To make tabbouleh, you first have to soak the bulghur in boiling water until soft [more…]

Spicy Peanut Soup

Peanuts are the basis for this velvety soup that graced Colonial tables from Georgia to Virginia. Versions of this spicy peanut soup can also be found throughout West Africa. For a tasty twist, use canned [more…]

Caesar Salad

Caesar salad is an excellent first course for a dinner party. If you prefer to use the whole romaine lettuce leaves for your Caesar salad, buy 1 large or 2 medium heads for this recipe; if you use only [more…]

Chicken Noodle Soup

This recipe makes a classic chicken noodle soup, except for one change. Once upon a time, people made chicken noodle soup with the whole chicken, extracted the meat, and threw away the bones. This version [more…]

Creamy Pumpkin Spread

Slightly sweet with a rich pumpkin flavor, this spread is good served on toasted English muffins, bagels, or toasted French bread rounds. This pumpkin spread also works as a dip for apple and pear slices [more…]

Cream of Mushroom Soup

Not at all like its gloppy canned cream of mushroom counterpart, this cream of mushroom soup is light and velvety-textured, and it has plenty of mushroom flavor. [more…]

Variations on Vinaigrette Salad Dressing

Who wants to eat the same old salad dressing every day? Vinaigrette is a basic formula (essentially, just vinegar and olive oil) to which you can add many different ingredients to make a new and different [more…]

Speedy Beef Stew

Starting with cooked beef tips and cooked, diced potatoes, you can make a robust beef stew in less than 20 minutes. For this beef stew, look for the potatoes in your supermarket’s produce section. [more…]

Avocado with Broccoli and Carrot Slaw

Crisp, shredded broccoli and carrot are a great match for buttery avocado. This salad mixes all three vegetables into a tasty avocado, broccoli, and carrot combo. [more…]

Grilled Figs and Prosciutto

This dish of grilled figs and prosciutto makes a very impressive appetizer. Thin slices of prosciutto are wrapped around fresh figs. The grilled figs caramelize slightly, and the ham loses most of its [more…]

Easy Mixed Green Salad

This salad recipe is versatile, so you can use whatever greens look the freshest (and whatever greens you happen to like). Try different chopped vegetables, too, depending on what’s in season or what you [more…]

Two-Way Eggplant Spread

Wildly popular in Israel, this eggplant spread is easy to make because you grill the eggplants whole. Keep this spread on hand in the refrigerator for a tasty snack. Fresh pita bread is the usual accompaniment [more…]

Arugula, Radicchio, and Goat Cheese Salad

This arugula, radicchio, and goat cheese salad will make your mouth sing. The salad’s barely bitter radicchio and bittersweet arugula, combined with the goat cheese, really wake up your taste buds. [more…]

Professional Tricks for Super Soup

Besides understanding the basic skills required for concocting a great pot of soup, it helps to know a few tricks of the soup-making insiders — the things that professional chefs do to make their soups [more…]

Mushroom Salad

You can make this mushroom salad in a snap. Try to use cremini mushrooms if you can, because their strong, woodsy flavor makes this salad special.

Preparation time: [more…]

Making a Basic Comfort-Food Soup

Soup is a comfort food that makes you feel good inside, all warm and cozy and secure. Comfort-food soups are easy to improvise if you follow a few basic steps. With this basic knowledge, you can improvise [more…]

Three-Bean Salad

This classic 1950s three-bean salad tastes much better when made with cooked dried beans and fresh green beans, rather than canned beans. Prepare the salad the day before because the beans need to marinate [more…]

Roast Beef and Watercress Hand Rolls

Pick up some sliced roast beef at your local deli for this hand roll, and if the sushi rice is done ahead, you’ll have your roast beef and watercress hand rolls ready in minutes. [more…]

Orange and Radish Salad

Serve this orange and radish salad with a simple entree to let the salad be the star. The colorful oranges and radishes are a feast for the eyes, as well as the palate. This salad tastes just as delicious [more…]

Onion Soup

Onion soup is made throughout Italy. Traditionally, a pot of onion soup would simmer gently on the stove all day. If eaten for lunch, it would be brothy. Later in the day, after the soup had cooked down [more…]

Poblano Quesadillas

A great quesadilla depends on just the right balance of soothing cheese and other, livelier flavors. In this poblano quesadillas recipe, roasted peppers, tart salsa, and more than one cheese keep things [more…]

Grilled Sweet Pepper Salad

This popular Mediterranean-style Jewish appetizer salad consists of marinated, grilled sweet peppers with extra virgin olive oil and garlic. Garnish the pepper salad with your favorite Middle Eastern or [more…]

How to Add Flair to Salads with Toppings

You can add flair to a basic mixed green or fresh vegetable salad in many ways. A steady diet of salads sounds health-conscious, but can become boring. Make your salads tasty [more…]

Vichyssoise (Chilled Potato Soup)

Vichyssoise is a rich potato soup that is served chilled. Some restaurants serve vichyssoise in a bowl set over another bowl of crushed ice. Although you don’t have to be so elaborate, always serve your [more…]


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