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Chilled Seasoned Tofu

Chilled seasoned tofu is a hot-weather favorite in Japan, but this tofu dish is a favorite year-round with sushi lovers worldwide. Custardlike tofu soaks up the flavor of the soy sauce it’s served with [more…]

Mushroom Asparagus Noodle Kugel

When asparagus is plentiful, it can make a delicious addition to noodle kugel with sautéed mushrooms and onions. You can also make this noodle kugel with broccoli if fresh asparagus isn’t available. [more…]

Savory Dill Bread

The sugar in this savory dill bread recipe isn’t strictly for taste; it actually affects how your loaf of dill bread rises. This little bit of added sugar gives the yeast more sugar to act on, creating [more…]

Fried Rice

Fried rice is the perfect use for leftover rice. The fluffy, slightly dry texture of fried rice practically depends on your using day-old — or at least not-straight-from-the-stove-or-steamer — rice. When [more…]

Indian Rice with Ginger, Walnuts, and Raisins

This exotic-tasting rice, which includes traditionally Indian seasonings, goes well with steak or poultry. The walnuts and raisins in this Indian rice gives the dish extra dimension. [more…]

Avocado with Broccoli and Carrot Slaw

Crisp, shredded broccoli and carrot are a great match for buttery avocado. This salad mixes all three vegetables into a tasty avocado, broccoli, and carrot combo. [more…]

Refried Pinto Beans

With their dollop of richness from lard or other fat, refried beans satisfy the universal need to feel full and happy. Though refried black beans are fashionable these days, it’s hard to beat big, creamy [more…]

Polenta with Vegetables

Serve a medley of vegetables over a mound of fluffy polenta to make an excellent first course for a spring meal. Polenta’s cornmeal base provides a great complement to the vegetables. [more…]

Spring Rolls

The secret to making the perfect spring roll is having the oil hot enough, but not too hot. Make sure you heat it to 360 degrees rapidly. Serve the spring rolls hot with a dipping sauce. You can make your [more…]

Rice Pilaf with Apricots, Almonds, and Cashews

Rice pilaf garnished with nuts and fruit is a favorite Jewish special occasion dish. This lively, colorful rice pilaf dish accompanies chicken, turkey, and beef equally well. You can also make this dish [more…]

Autumn Harvest Applesauce

With a bright pink blush from tart cranberries, this applesauce surely outshines anything from a jar. You sweeten this applesauce with fresh apple cider and real maple syrup. Use the crispest of apples [more…]

Orange and Radish Salad

Serve this orange and radish salad with a simple entree to let the salad be the star. The colorful oranges and radishes are a feast for the eyes, as well as the palate. This salad tastes just as delicious [more…]

Potato Latkes

These potato latkes (or potato pancakes) are lacy and crisp, and they’re always a hit at parties and dinners. Serve these potato latkes with their traditional partners — applesauce and sour cream. [more…]

Savory Corn Pancakes with Mango Relish

These savory pancakes, which are flecked with corn, chives, and red pepper, make a confetti-like pancake dish to accompany your favorite entree or serve for Sunday brunch. Be sure to serve these corn pancakes [more…]

Poblano Quesadillas

A great quesadilla depends on just the right balance of soothing cheese and other, livelier flavors. In this poblano quesadillas recipe, roasted peppers, tart salsa, and more than one cheese keep things [more…]


Gazpacho is a perfect first course for nearly anything you choose to serve in the heat of the summer — except for a tomato-based entrée. Gazpacho is one of those simple uncooked dishes where a quality [more…]

How to Make Cinnamon Applesauce for Hanukkah Latkes

Most people simply serve their Hanukkah latkes with applesauce from a jar. Try making your own applesauce instead for entertaining or to be true to tradition. Homemade applesauce is tastier than store-bought [more…]

Nopales Salad: Mexican Cactus Paddles

If you try cactus, you’ll probably like it — so stop being a food wimp and try a little cactus! This authentic Mexican salad uses the popular Mexican ingredient called nopales [more…]

No-Dairy Creamed Potatoes with Brown Gravy

Because you’re living dairy-free doesn’t mean you have to give up mashed potatoes and gravy. Try this recipe for creamy classic mashed potatoes made without the dairy products. If you love gravy, follow-up [more…]

A Super Nondairy Side: Stuffed Zucchini Boats

This dairy-free dish is a fun and tasty way to get your vegetables. Nondairy Swiss-style cheese is mixed into the filling where the hot, moist ingredients help it to melt. [more…]

No-Dairy Waldorf Salad

It’s not a party without Waldorf salad! This dairy-free version contains a light dressing made with soy yogurt (or light mayonnaise) and lemon juice, which adds just enough moisture, and a dash of curry [more…]

Dairy-Free Curried Carrot Raisin Salad

This recipe for nondairy carrot raisin salad puts a twist on an old favorite by adding curry, cumin, and allspice for a unique and delicious flavor. This dish tastes even better the second day and will [more…]

Nondairy Macaroni and Cheese

Making macaroni and cheese from scratch doesn’t have to be difficult. Homemade tastes better, and you can add variety by using different-shaped pasta noodles. This nondairy version looks and tastes very [more…]

Delicious Dairy-Free Banana Bread

Banana bread is an all-time favorite. This recipe for a dairy-free quick bread is moist and sweet with a mild banana flavor. Oil is a nondairy substitute for butter and half of the flour used is whole [more…]

Nondairy Cheddar Cheese Bread

This bread tastes rich without saturated fat because it’s made with nondairy cheese instead of traditional cheddar cheese. Serve a chunk of this dairy-free bread with a bowl of chili or soup, or toast [more…]


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