Methods & Techniques for Sauces

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How to Deglaze a Pan to Make a Sauce

Deglaze a pan by moistening and then scraping up the browned bits of food that stick to the bottom of the pan. These deglazed browned bits are loaded with flavor. By deglazing the brown bits, you can transform [more…]

Classic White Sauces

Most white sauces, in all their incarnations, are based on a roux (a flour-based paste). White sauces vary in what you add to the roux. The most common type of white sauce is a béchamel sauce [more…]

Brown Sauces

Basic brown sauce derives from the 19th-century espagnolesauce, whose major ingredient was Spanish ham. Most brown sauces are based on a reduced stock of beef or veal. So, brown sauce is usually a meat-based [more…]

Egg-Based Sauces

Egg-based sauces are (you guessed it!) based on eggs rather than on meat stock or butter and cream, although most egg-based sauces also contain butter, stock, and/or cream. Here are the two most common [more…]

Creating Sauces in Your Blender

For making sauces in a hurry, the blender is an invaluable tool. You can make blender sauces literally in minutes — the blades rotate very quickly, binding [more…]

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