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Pico de Gallo (Fresh Tomato Salsa)

Pico de gallo is an uncooked table condiment also known as salsa cruda or plain old tomato salsa. Pico de gallo is probably Mexico’s best-known salsa. With its chunks of tomato, chiles, and onion, it’s [more…]

Poblano Quesadillas

A great quesadilla depends on just the right balance of soothing cheese and other, livelier flavors. In this poblano quesadillas recipe, roasted peppers, tart salsa, and more than one cheese keep things [more…]


Gazpacho is a perfect first course for nearly anything you choose to serve in the heat of the summer — except for a tomato-based entrée. Gazpacho is one of those simple uncooked dishes where a quality [more…]

Nopales Salad: Mexican Cactus Paddles

If you try cactus, you’ll probably like it — so stop being a food wimp and try a little cactus! This authentic Mexican salad uses the popular Mexican ingredient called nopales [more…]

How to Make Corn Tortillas

Handmade corn tortillas have a pebbly texture and a definitive, earthy corn flavor. They’re a wonderful addition to a Mexican-themed party, where their heavenly aroma is sure to draw guests into the kitchen [more…]

How to Make Fish Tacos

Fish tacos should be soft, juicy, and overflowing with luscious chunks of fish and bits of vegetables. If you don’t have time to make the special Cucumber Salsa, you can add chopped cucumbers, chiles, [more…]

Recipe for Grilled Steak Tacos

The best tacos probably don’t start with a recipe at all. They spring from surprising sources — like the leftovers in the back of your refrigerator. This recipe is inspired by Mexican street vendors, who [more…]

Empanadas de Picadillo Recipe

Picadillo is a dish from Spain. It contains highly seasoned, slightly sweetened, ground fried meat. In addition to making an excellent stuffing for these little turnovers, you also can use picadillo to [more…]

Fiesta Bean Salad Recipe

In this recipe, you jazz up a typical American-style bean salad with three different beans and a colorful confetti of diced peppers. This versatile salad is a great choice for a buffet table or picnic [more…]

Recipe for Bolillos

Bolillos are a plain, crisp, white roll that you can use to make sandwiches or to eat with butter and jam at breakfast. They’re a delight to have in the house, but if you don’t have the time, a good substitute [more…]

Recipe for Green Enchiladas with Pork

Rich pork and tangy light green salsa are a natural combination in the Mexican kitchen. Add the earthiness of toasted corn from the tortillas, and you’ve got a winning dish. [more…]

Recipe for Chicken Tostada Salad

In a tostada, spread the beans out to all the edges and scatter the other components evenly. Each bite should deliver a combination of flavors. Who wants a mouthful of plain tortilla with those wonderful [more…]

Corn and Chile Chowder Recipe

You can make this lovely corn soup year-round if you use an excellent canned or frozen corn. It makes a nice first course for a dinner party with a grilled meat entree. [more…]

How to Make Basic Masa Tamales with Fillings

This basic masa tamale recipe is built for flexibility. First, you learn how to beat the masa, fill the corn husks, and then steam the tamales. Second, you are given three options for savory fillings to [more…]

Tortilla Soup Recipe

Tortilla soup, probably the best known of the Mexican soups, is a brilliant use of two common Mexican leftovers — tortillas and salsa. If you use a favorite bottled smooth red salsa or a homemade version [more…]

Recipe for Chicken Black Bean Torta

A warm chicken sandwich such as this chicken and black bean torta, served with interesting garnishes, is so much more satisfying than an ordinary cold meat sandwich. [more…]

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