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How to Make Flour Tortillas

In Mexico, tortillas are often made by hand before almost every meal. The taste of a good homemade flour tortilla adds an extra dimension to any Mexican dish. Make your own flour tortillas for the next [more…]

How to Make Corn Tortillas in a Tortilla Press

Handmade corn tortillas have a pebbly texture and a definitive, earthy corn flavor. You can make corn tortillas yourself with the help of a tortilla press. Impress your friends with your Mexican-cooking [more…]

Refried Pinto Beans

With their dollop of richness from lard or other fat, refried beans satisfy the universal need to feel full and happy. Though refried black beans are fashionable these days, it’s hard to beat big, creamy [more…]

Poblano Quesadillas

A great quesadilla depends on just the right balance of soothing cheese and other, livelier flavors. In this poblano quesadillas recipe, roasted peppers, tart salsa, and more than one cheese keep things [more…]

Nopales Salad: Mexican Cactus Paddles

If you try cactus, you’ll probably like it — so stop being a food wimp and try a little cactus! This authentic Mexican salad uses the popular Mexican ingredient called nopales [more…]

Recipe for Red Rice

This basic tomato-tinged rice accompanies many Mexican dishes. You can make the Red Roasted Tomato Salsa, which gives the rice its color, as long as a week in advance. [more…]

How to Make Refried Black Beans

Frying beans with a bit of fat and onion accentuates their rich, creamy quality. Feel free to increase the lard for a richer, more authentic refried bean. Remember that if you don’t eat refried beans with [more…]

Recipe for Poblano Mashed Potatoes

The recipe for these spicy, rich potatoes is frequently requested. Make sure that you serve these potatoes with an entree of equal heft so that they don't overpower the meal. [more…]

Spicy Grilled Corn Recipe

Here is a refined version of a popular Mexican street snack. Just one bite leaves you wondering how you could ever go back to plain old buttered corn. [more…]

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