Understanding Italian Cooking & Recipes

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How to Make Fresh Pasta Dough

Making the dough for fresh pasta used to take about 20 minutes. With the food processor, you can make fresh pasta dough in about one minute. For history buffs, here’s how to make fresh pasta dough the [more…]

Basic Rules of Italian Cooking

How do you capture the essence of Italian cooking if you didn't grow up in Italy? If you want to think like an Italian chef, practice these simple Italian cooking tips and you won't go wrong: [more…]

Serving a Traditional Italian Meal in Order

A traditional Italian meal is leisurely process — a time to share news of the day and enjoy the delicious results of the cook's labor — and has several distinct courses. If you're preparing an authentic [more…]

Popular Herbs for Italian Cooking

Fresh herbs are used almost exclusively in Italian cooking. Why? They taste better than dried herbs. Fresh herbs have all their aromatic oils. The intensity of herbs vary, so when substituting, try to [more…]

Common Pasta Shapes

Pastas come in an amazing variety of shapes. Certain Italian dishes call for specific pasta shapes because they compliment the sauce. This list gives a brief description of the most common pasta shapes [more…]

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