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Recipe for Apple Tart (Tarte Tatin)

Tradition has it that this tart was developed by two innkeeper sisters who were running low on fuel to keep their oven going. Needing to make some apple tarts, they decided to cook the apples in sugar [more…]

Orange Dessert Crêpes (Crêpes Suzette)

The rage of American dinner parties in the 1950s and early 1960s, crêpes suzette are almost as easy to make as a box cake mix, especially if you make the crêpes early in the day and assemble the dessert [more…]

Leeks in Vinaigrette (Poireaux à la Vinaigrette)

Leeks are called the poor man’s asparagus in Europe. A member of the allium or onion family, they look like thick scallions but have a sweeter, milder flavor. Because this salad is somewhat more substantial [more…]

Salt-Roasted Whole Fish (Le Poisson du Paludier)

Roasting fish in a shell of salt has been a popular cooking method for centuries. The salt absorbs the heat from the hot oven to cook the fish, which comes out moist and flaky with just the right about [more…]

Scalloped Potatoes (Gratin Dauphinois)

In almost any guise, potatoes are comfort food, especially when they’re as creamy and cheesy as these French scalloped potatoes. Slice the potatoes as thin as possible before cooking in the milk, which [more…]

Spinach, Mushroom, and Cheese Torte (Gâteau de Crêpes à la Florentine)

Gâteau de Crêpes à la Florentine is a quick and easy-to-make torte, made of stacked crêpes spread with a filling of cheese sauce prepared with spinach and mushrooms. Cut into thin wedges for appetizer [more…]

Split Pea Soup (Potage Saint-Germain)

Split pea soup is comfort food. This humble soup is so satisfying and nourishing that you can enjoy it best on a cold winter’s night with a loaf of chewy country white or rye bread, a perfectly ripened [more…]

Savory Tart Dough (Pâté Brisée)

Savory tarts like quiche (and yes, real Frenchmen do eat quiche!) make for a great lunch or supper when paired with a green salad, a dry white wine, and fresh fruit. This is the dough you’ll want to use [more…]

Savory Stuffed and Rolled Crêpes (Crêpes Farcies et Roulées)

Most savory crêpes are filled with a white or cheese sauce mixed with cooked vegetables or poultry, and then rolled. Crêpes are convenience food with a capital C. You can prepare the batter and store it [more…]

Recipe for Lemon Tart (Tarte au Citron)

There’s always room for a thin slice of bittersweet lemon tart at the end of a meal. Simple to make, this sunshine-yellow tart is so impressive looking that people will think it came from a Parisian bakery [more…]

Stewed Chicken (Coq au Vin)

This dish was most likely created years ago by some farmer’s wife as a way to tenderize an old laying hen or rooster. The chicken pieces are browned and slowly braised in red wine until the meat is falling [more…]

Tomato Soup (Potage à la Tomate)

This soup is typical of most French seasonal soups. So rich in tomato flavor, it must have been created by a farmer’s wife to take advantage of an overabundance of sun-ripened tomatoes at the end of the [more…]

Tomato, Olive, and Anchovy Tart (Pissaladière)

True to their Mediterranean roots, the French of Provence shy away from using heat-sensitive fresh dairy products in their cooking, relying more on olive oil, vegetables, and cured fish, as in this fabulous [more…]

Cheese Tart (Quiche au Fromage)

Real men do indeed eat quiche in France. In fact, this savory, easy-to-make custard tart is a favorite entrée to prepare with whatever ingredients home cooks have on hand, including cheese, vegetables, [more…]


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