Preparing Ingredients

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Chinese Herbs and Spices

The Chinese have a long tradition of using herbs and spices to boost a dish’s flavor (and provide nutritional benefits). You can now find many Chinese herbs and spices at supermarkets and specialty food [more…]

How to Shell Shrimp

Removing shells from shrimp is pretty easy, whether they’re cooked or raw. To shell shrimp, you need just your hands. If you want, put on a pair of vinyl gloves to prevent shrimp-scented hands. If you [more…]

Sushi Rice

You might think rice is rice, but making sushi rice takes a special touch (and a lot of steps!). Because the rice is such an important part of any sushi dish, don’t forego the sushi-rice preparation. [more…]

Chinese Appetizer Wrappers

Egg rolls, spring rolls, and wontons consist of thin wrappers containing bits of deliciousness. You can find premade Chinese wrappers with the right shape and size to accommodate any Chinese appetizer [more…]

The Different Types of Soy Foods

Soy foods come in dozens of forms. Some types of soy are used as ingredients in commercially produced food products, and other kinds of soy are sold as ready-to-eat products. Soy foods can take the place [more…]

Cooking with Oil in a Lowfat Kitchen

The single most important oil in a lowfat kitchen is no-stick vegetable oil spray. A lowfat cooking technique is to use a cooking spray — instead of coating a pan with 2 tablespoons of oil — to keep foods [more…]

Toasting Nuts

Toasted nuts are delicious and simple to make. Pay close attention as you toast nuts. If the nuts become overtoasted (very dark), there’s no going back. You’ll have to start over. The nut toasting process [more…]

Ten Low-Calorie Cooking Techniques

If losing weight is your goal for the New Year, dieting doesn’t have to mean eating terrible food. You can rework standard cooking methods to make them lowfat and low calorie, and some foods can be used [more…]

How to Use a Mandoline to Slice Vegetables

A mandoline, a rectangular, hand-operated food slicer that slices vegetables quickly. The mandolin has interchangeable blades to give you different vegetable slices — julienne, wavy, plain, even lattice [more…]

How to Chop and Mince

Chopping food means to use your chef’s knife to cut it into pieces. Those pieces don’t have to be exactly uniform, but the recipe will often tell you whether you need to chop something finely, coarsely [more…]

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