Preparing Eggs

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Folding an Omelet

The hardest part of making an omelet is folding it properly. You want to fold your omelet into a sort of envelope (think of it as gift-wrapping your omelet filling). The basics for making and folding an [more…]

How to Break an Egg

Breaking an egg with one hand takes finesse, but using two hands to crack eggs works just fine. Knowing how to break eggs the right way will prevent “crunchy” omelets [more…]

Folding In Egg Whites

When you fold in egg whites, you incorporate beaten whites into other ingredients without compromising the airiness of the beaten whites. Folding egg whites properly ensures success with dishes like soufflé [more…]

Peeling Hard-Cooked Eggs

Peeling hard-cooked eggs can be super simple or super frustrating. The easiest hard-boiled eggs to peel are ones that were in the fridge for a while. The fresher the egg, the more difficult it is to peel [more…]

Beating Egg Whites

Beaten egg whites make soufflés rise and lighten up batters. Before beating egg whites, make sure that your mixing bowl and beaters are clean and dry. The whites won’t beat stiff if there’s even a speck [more…]

Cooking Hard-Cooked Eggs

Eggs really should never be hard-boiled (in their shells), but rather hard-cooked; rigorous boiling causes eggs to jostle and crack, leaving the whites tough. To hard-cook eggs, place the eggs in cold [more…]

Separating an Egg

Many recipes require separated egg whites and yolks. Don’t worry; separating an egg really isn’t as difficult as it looks. Remember, you need to separate an egg without breaking the yolk. [more…]

Scrambled Eggs: A Basic Recipe for Beginning Cooks

If you’re eager to jump in and start cooking, try your hand at this quick and easy recipe for scrambled eggs, which you can enjoy for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Eggs are a healthy and nutritious protein [more…]

How to Separate an Egg

Knowing how to separate an egg - that is, separating the egg white from the egg yolk - is a cooking technique that takes little time to master. This video shows you how to separate an egg without making [more…]

How to Hard Cook and Peel Eggs

Hard cooking (hard boiling) eggs and peeling them is basic cooking, but there's a method to hard cooking and peeling eggs successfully. This video shows you how to hard boil eggs, which form the basis [more…]

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