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Toasting Nuts

Toasted nuts are delicious and simple to make. Pay close attention as you toast nuts. If the nuts become overtoasted (very dark), there’s no going back. You’ll have to start over. The nut toasting process [more…]

How to Increase Your Vegetable Intake

If you are hoping to lose weight this year, you probably already know that one easy way to meet that goal is to increase the amount of fruits and vegetables you eat. Vegetables are low in calories and [more…]

Ten Low-Calorie Cooking Techniques

If losing weight is your goal for the New Year, dieting doesn’t have to mean eating terrible food. You can rework standard cooking methods to make them lowfat and low calorie, and some foods can be used [more…]

How to Make Lemon Zest

Lemon zest is essential for flavoring (and garnishing) many desserts — and it's often interchangeable with orange and lime zest. But lemon zest can be bitter if not made properly. Here's an easy technique [more…]

How to Cube a Mango without Peeling It

You can cut a mango into cubes after you peel it, but you can also cube a mango without having to remove its skin at all. Here's an easy way to get your mango cubed without the mess! [more…]

How to Dice an Eggplant

You can use this technique to dice an eggplant into cubes for any number of recipes, including soups and sauces. Dicing an eggplant is an easy process, but to dice your eggplant properly, you need to have [more…]

How to Peel and Cube a Mango

Cubed pieces of mango make a great addition to everything from chutney to fruit salad. And cutting up a mango couldn’t be easier. You can cube a mango in two ways, in fact. This method involves peeling [more…]

How to Use a Mandoline to Slice Vegetables

A mandoline, a rectangular, hand-operated food slicer that slices vegetables quickly. The mandolin has interchangeable blades to give you different vegetable slices — julienne, wavy, plain, even lattice [more…]

How to Julienne, Chop, Mince, and Dice with a Chef's Knife

Use a chef's knife and a little know-how to slice, julienne, cube, dice, mince, and crush ingredients when cooking up a recipe. This video shows you techniques on how to use a chef's knife to cut up food [more…]

How to Separate an Egg

Knowing how to separate an egg - that is, separating the egg white from the egg yolk - is a cooking technique that takes little time to master. This video shows you how to separate an egg without making [more…]

How to Hard Cook and Peel Eggs

Hard cooking (hard boiling) eggs and peeling them is basic cooking, but there's a method to hard cooking and peeling eggs successfully. This video shows you how to hard boil eggs, which form the basis [more…]

How to Zest Citrus Fruit

Zesting citrus fruit brings out the peel’s essential oils. Using a zesting tool or vegetable peeler to shave, you bring out those oils that make citrus zest a powerful food ingredient. Many citrus fruits [more…]

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