Methods & Techniques for Pasta Dishes

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Stuffed Pasta, Filled Pasta

Filled with meat, cheese, seafood, or vegetables, stuffed pasta (or filled pasta) are best coated with simple tomato or light, cream-based sauces. Stuffed pasta dough is often flavored and tinted with [more…]

Tubular Pasta (Call It Macaroni)

Italian pasta comes in two basic forms: macaroni (or tubular pasta) and spaghetti. Macaroni has distinctive shapes, hollows, and curves — all to capture the thick rich sauces they were designed for. [more…]

Miscellaneous Pasta Shapes

Some pasta shapes are unique: shells, butterflies, little ears . . . These shapes are “miscellaneous pasta” because they don’t fit into a broader category. Take a look at this grab bag of fun pasta shapes [more…]

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