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American Macaroni and Cheese

This recipe is a classic and simple version of good old American macaroni and cheese. You can customize this macaroni and cheese recipe by making substitutions, alterations, and additions. The ways you [more…]

Pasta Primavera

Primavera means “spring style” in Italian. Primavera dishes are made with a variety of fresh vegetables, and although this recipe uses fettuccine, you can replace it with any kind of pasta you want. This [more…]

Ja Jiang Mein (Noodles with Meat Sauce)

In northern China, people enjoy this flavorful noodle dish hot or at room temperature. Enjoy ja jiang mein at whatever temperature you like. (And any time is noodle time in northern China.) In case you’re [more…]

Classic Pasta Sauces

Pasta sauces are as varied as pasta shapes, but the classic pasta sauces stand out. After you get to know the classic pasta sauces, you can begin experimenting with different ingredients. [more…]

Cooking Perfect Pasta Sauces

Pasta sauces come in many forms and flavors, from light to rich, creamy to tangy, and everything in between. Before you add a sauce to your pasta, check out these tips for making foolproof sauces: [more…]

Tortellini and Sugar Snap Peas with Alfredo Sauce

Tortellini are stuffed pasta squares, folded and formed into rings. Fresh tortellini is plumper and more filling, and it cooks faster. This tasty vegetarian meal tops tortellini with Alfredo sauce. [more…]

Bucatini with Tomatoes, Onions, and Pancetta

This bucatini recipe is one of the most popular pasta dishes in Italy. When you mix the bucatini pasta with the vegetables and pancetta (or American-style bacon), you get an Italian dish to die for. [more…]

Pesto Pasta

Pesto is best in the summertime when basil is fresh and you can make a batch of pesto from scratch. Pesto is a snap to make and will fill your kitchen — and maybe your whole house — with the wonderful [more…]

Stuffed Pasta, Filled Pasta

Filled with meat, cheese, seafood, or vegetables, stuffed pasta (or filled pasta) are best coated with simple tomato or light, cream-based sauces. Stuffed pasta dough is often flavored and tinted with [more…]

Potato Gnocchi

You can serve potato gnocchi with many of the same sauces you use on pasta, including meat sauce and pesto sauce. Potato gnocchi are made with ricotta cheese in some regions of Italy. [more…]

Rigatoni with Eggplant

This rigatoni with eggplant recipe hails from Sicily. Traditionally, the eggplant is fried. This version sautés the eggplant with the other vegetables to make the dish lighter. [more…]

Tubular Pasta (Call It Macaroni)

Italian pasta comes in two basic forms: macaroni (or tubular pasta) and spaghetti. Macaroni has distinctive shapes, hollows, and curves — all to capture the thick rich sauces they were designed for. [more…]

Garden Pasta Salad with Beets and Goat Cheese

Although beets’ red color tends to run, the beets add a wonderful sweetness to this pasta salad — so what if your pasta salad is a little red? You can use whatever kind of pasta you prefer, but this recipe [more…]

Miscellaneous Pasta Shapes

Some pasta shapes are unique: shells, butterflies, little ears . . . These shapes are “miscellaneous pasta” because they don’t fit into a broader category. Take a look at this grab bag of fun pasta shapes [more…]

Strand and Flat Ribbon Pasta

Strand pasta, such as spaghetti, is best served with sauces that are rich in oil, which keep the very thin pasta from sticking together. Flat ribbon pasta is excellent with rich, creamy sauces. Also, flat [more…]

Deciding Between Fresh and Dried Pasta

The truth is that fresh pasta is not inherently better than dried pasta; it’s just different. Many fine dried pastas are available, and the choice between fresh and dried pasta is really a matter of personal [more…]

Quick and Easy Angel Hair Pasta with Shrimp

This angel hair pasta dish features shrimp and colorful vegetables — appealing to the eye and to the palate! Angel hair pasta is an extra-thin type of spaghetti that cooks quickly, so this dish is easy [more…]

How to Make Pasta Puttanesca

This classic Italian pasta dish is quick and easy to make and is delightfully spicy. Pasta Puttanesca can be garnished with shaved Parmesan cheese, which you also can use over vegetables, salads, and other [more…]

Indonesian Peanut Noodles with Vegetables

Peanut sauce is often used in Indonesian cooking. Here, it’s used in a fabulous pasta dish. Instead of making the peanut sauce in Step 1, feel free to substitute Southeast Asian Peanut Sauce. [more…]

Cold Spiced Noodles with Sesame Oil and Vegetables

Easy and delicious, noodles dishes like this one are on Chinese menus and also can be found in deli salad bar counters. This dish can be made ahead and refrigerated. [more…]

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