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Low-Carb Black Soybeans

Black soybeans are just delicious. You can use black soybeans, which are low in carbs, in all kinds of dishes, including chili and dips. Naturally low-carb black soybeans’ flavor is great in anything, [more…]

How to Cook Dried Beans on the Stovetop

Cooking dried beans takes some preparation and time, but many people find the texture, flavor, and lack of added sodium in cooked dried beans are worth the effort. Follow these steps to cook dried beans [more…]

The Different Types of Soy Foods

Soy foods come in dozens of forms. Some types of soy are used as ingredients in commercially produced food products, and other kinds of soy are sold as ready-to-eat products. Soy foods can take the place [more…]

Vegetarian Substitutions for Meat

Replacing meat with vegetarian alternatives in even the most traditional meat-based recipes has become surprisingly easy. A wide range of meat-substitute vegetarian products are now available at natural [more…]

Vegetarian Specialty Food Products

When you’re setting up a vegetarian kitchen, you can find vegetarian products that have nutritional advantages and/or are especially convenient. Not all of these vegetarian food products may appeal to [more…]

How to Cook Grains on the Stovetop

You cook all grains on the stovetop by following the same three basic steps. The only thing that varies from grain to grain is the length of cooking time. Cooking grains on your stovetop is simple: [more…]

Simple Recipe Substitutions for Vegetarians

If you’re a vegetarian, you probably know exactly how to eliminate meat from your diet. But if you want to cut back on other animal products — like eggs and dairy — you may be at a loss when it comes to [more…]

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