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Measuring Ingredients for Baking

You probably know someone who bakes a lot, and it seems like she just tosses this in and that in and presto, out come cookies or a pie or something delicious. It seems like magic, so you may wonder how [more…]

Recipe Substitutions for Cooking Emergencies

Say you're making a vinaigrette dressing for a salad and suddenly realize that you're out of vinegar. You do have lemons, which are an acceptable substitute, but how much lemon do you use? Or maybe you [more…]

Measurement Abbreviations and Conversions

Recipes are full of culinary codes like abbreviations and weird measurements (how big is a pinch?). You can find common abbreviations for measurements here, as well as conversions of various ingredient [more…]

Dealing with Metric Measurements

If you only know Imperial measurements (like cups and quarts), but your recipe is in metric, don’t panic. These tables show you a variety of metric conversations: volume, weight, size, and temperature. [more…]

Food Equivalents

Knowing your food equivalents can save time when working out a recipe. One example of a food equivalent is: one stick of butter equals 8 tablespoons of the stuff. Pretty handy, huh? This table lists common [more…]

Lowfat Dairy Product Substitutions

You can still enjoy dairy products while cooking the lowfat way. All kinds of lowfat dairy substitutions exist, and even if those lowfat substitutions don’t taste quite like the fatty versions, they work [more…]

Vegetarian Substitutions for Meat

Replacing meat with vegetarian alternatives in even the most traditional meat-based recipes has become surprisingly easy. A wide range of meat-substitute vegetarian products are now available at natural [more…]

Timely Substitutions for 30-Minute Meals

Even the most organized cooks have found themselves searching the kitchen for an ingredient only to find they’ve run out. When you’re missing an ingredient you need for a fast meal, use the following list [more…]

Common Cooking Conversions

Preparing lowfat dishes is easier when you know some basic cooking conversions. If you're math-challenged, don't worry. This list of common cooking conversions will help, especially if you don't have whole [more…]

Metric Cooking Conversions

If you run into a problem with measurements while cooking your favorite Mexican dish, use this quick guide to find the metric equivalents for common cooking amounts: [more…]

Temperature Conversions for Cooking

The right temperature keeps from overcooking (or undercooking) your favorite Mexican foods. Refer to this chart if you need to convert your cooking temperature to Celsius and/or Fahrenheit: [more…]

Handy Conversion Tables for New Cooks

Want to create simple meals on a budget that taste great? With these conversion tables (which are British measurements), you can ensure you get the temperature and amount of ingredients just right. [more…]

How Much to Cook When You Cook for a Crowd

When you're cooking for a crowd, knowing how much to cook is your biggest concern. The following tables help you determine how much food you need to prepare — everything from appetizers through desserts [more…]

Common Cooking Temperature and Metric Conversions for Italian Cooking

When you're preparing Italian meals, make sure you have the right temperature so your foods are prepared correctly. Use this handy chart for converting cooking temperatures to Fahrenheit and/or Celsius [more…]

Substituting Ingredients

The page you are looking for was recently moved. Don't worry, it's still here; it just has a new address: [more…]

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