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Grilling and Broiling

Loosely speaking grilling and broiling refer to a similar cooking process. In grilling, the heat source is below (like with a barbecue grill); in oven broiling, it’s above. Both grilling and broiling involve [more…]

Five Rookie Mistakes to Avoid when Barbecuing

Mistakes are bound to happen as you explore barbecue cooking, but they are a part of the BBQ adventure. Here are five rookie mistakes to avoid: [more…]

The Difference between BBQ Rubs, Marinades, and Sauces

Whether you call it barbecue, BBQ, or just 'cue, enhance the flavor of your oh-so-tender meats by mixing up a flavor-packed marinade, rub, or sauce. Although each seasoning method is used differently, [more…]

BBQ Safety while You Smoke or Grill

Safety is paramount whenever you barbecue. Every year a surprising number of good times around the barbecue grill end up as scary times because of accidental burns or fires. Follow these tips for keeping [more…]

BBQ Tips on Buying Meat for Grilling or Smoking

When you're buying meat for the barbecue, remember that if you start with good raw material then you're more likely to get a great finished product. Here are some tips for choosing wisely at the butcher [more…]

Direct versus Indirect Grilling

If your grilling experience is limited to roasting a hot dog on a branch over an open fire when you were a kid at camp, you've just scratched the surface of what can be a very exciting [more…]

How to Grill, Broil, and Sear

Grilling and broiling require high heat. With a barbecue grill you can cook meat, fish, seafood, poultry, and vegetables. Broiling requires a broiling pan but cooks the same foods. Regardless of recipe [more…]

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