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Christmas Pudding with Rum Cream

A classic steamed Christmas pudding contains suet, which is animal fat. This recipe for Christmas pudding with rum cream excludes the suet and is much lighter as a result. Dried fruit and rum provide the [more…]

Part of the Series: Seven Dessert Recipes for Christmas and the Holidays

Recipe for Spiced Poached Fruit

This basic recipe works equally well for apples, pears, or dried fruit. Fruit that has been poached in spiced liquid makes a delicious dessert. Poached dried fruit is also good for breakfast or brunch. [more…]

Banana Lemon Mousse Recipe

Delicious pudding is only a few minutes away. Fresh ingredients and natural sweeteners make this recipe for Banana Lemon Mousse a no-brainer for kids’ parties. [more…]

Recipe for Apple Bites

Looking for a new dessert to make for your next holiday or dinner party? This recipe for apple bites is sure to be a hit during the fall and winter seasons. [more…]


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