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Moravian Molasses Spice Cookies

Moravian molasses spice cookies have a characteristic deep brown color and full-bodied flavor that's perfect for a Christmas tea or coffee gathering. These heirloom cookies are typical of those made by [more…]

How to Make Christmas Lebkuchen

Lebkuchen are honey and spice cookies that are traditionally served in Germany during the Christmas holiday season. You can make Lebkuchen (LAYB-koo-kuhn) up to 3 months in advance, so you save time during [more…]

How to Make a Basic Cookie Mix

Friends and family will love this convenient cookie mix as a Christmas gift. This mix makes it so easy to have warm, tasty cookies quickly when the kids come home from school, when neighbors drop in, or [more…]

Crisp Cookie Dough for Purim Hamantaschen

This delicately sweet cookie dough is perfect for making hamantaschen at Purim. These triangular Purim cookies begin with dough cut in circles. Basically, you take three arcs of each dough round and fold [more…]

Anise Drop Cookies

Anise, the licorice-flavored seed, has been a vital element in dessert-making for centuries. Today, anise is widely used in cakes and cookies. Anise drop cookies are so named because they supposedly can [more…]

Top Tips for Baking Cookies

Baking cookies is fun right? It is if you take the time to prepare yourself and your kitchen. Go through these steps to help you get set up and make great cookies: [more…]

Ingredients Substitutions for Cookie Recipes

If you’re making cookies and find out you’re missing a recipe ingredient (hey, it happens to the best of us) keep this list handy so you know what can be substituted: [more…]

Cutting the Fat in Cookie Recipes

If you’re looking to slim down your cookie recipes without giving up on the flavor, try these tips for reducing the fat in your favorite recipe: [more…]

Tips for Icing Cookies

If you want to top off your cookies with a sweet, creamy icing and keep them looking as great as they taste just follow these handy tips to ensure that your frosting efforts are a success: [more…]

Cookies For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Following a few foolproof baking tips will help making cookies a fun and delicious experience. If you run out of an ingredient while making cookies you can find a substitution, or you can reduce the fat [more…]

How to Make Hazelnut Chocolate Balls

These little gems of a cookie will melt in your mouth. They’re reminiscent of chocolate truffles, but the hazelnut balls pack more crunch. Hazelnut chocolate balls look very elegant when presented in paper [more…]

Almond-Cinnamon Star Cookies

Get out your rolling pin! Almond-cinnamon stars are delicious and fun-shaped rolled cookies-perfect for holiday gatherings and cookie exchanges. Try this recipe for festive cookies that taste great! [more…]

How to Make Sablés

Sables (pronounced SAH blay) are a classic French butter cookie that originated in Normandy and are now popular throughout France. The name of these cookies means “sand,” which refers to their crumbly [more…]

Classic Scottish Shortbread

Shortbread is a classic Scottish cookie that is always served at afternoon tea in Scotland, as well as in lunchboxes and as a dessert at most Scottish events. Try this simple recipe for delicious cookies [more…]

Perfect Pofer Cookies

Pofer cookies not only taste delicious, but also look beautiful. Using a round fluted cookie cutter gives them an elegant appearance, because of the scalloped edges. Plus, the preserves glisten like jewels [more…]

How to Make Ischl Tartlets

Ischl (pronounced “eesh uhl”) tartlets are deliciously delicate cookies named from the Austrian spa town of Bad Ischl. This recipe uses a heart-shaped cookie cutter but these cookies can be cut into your [more…]

Almond Jam Slice Cookies

These cookies are delicious little gems, each looking like a special jewel with the jam glistening on the cookie. Almond jam slices are perfect with tea or any festive occasion. You can vary this recipe [more…]

Spectacular Speculaa Cookies

Speculaas are crunchy, lightly browned spice cookies traditionally baked in the Netherlands and Belgium for St. Nicholas Eve. These cookies usually are baked with molds [more…]

How to Make Basic Madeleine Cookies

The look and taste of these classic molded madeleines is anything but basic and they’re sure to impress your guests. Experiment with this basic madeleine recipe by adding your favorite ingredients like [more…]

How to Make Mocha Pretzel Cookies

These classic German cookies are fun to make and a real crowd pleaser. They look like the popular salty snacks, especially when decorated with coarse sugar to mimic the look of salt, but taste deliciously [more…]

How to Make Raw Coconut Bonbons

Looking for a raw dessert that’s gluten-free, dense, nutritious, and delicious? Look no farther! These little macaroon-like bundles satisfy even hard-core sweet teeth. They're also fantastic food to share [more…]

Charleston Benne Wafers Recipe

These diminutive cookies are a Southern tradition. They get their name from the benne seeds, or sesame seeds, that they contain. They’re about an inch to an inch and a half in diameter and are light and [more…]

Nut Biscotti with Anise Recipe

These delicious Italian cookies are a wonderful accompaniment to coffee, tea, sorbets, ice cream, and fresh or poached fruit desserts. They can be stored in a covered container for a week or two. [more…]

How to Make Nutty Choco-Pretzel Sticks

Salty, sweet, and crunchy — what else could you want from a dessert? This recipe is pretty easy to make, so it’s great for putting together with the kids. [more…]

How to Make Swedish Molasses Cookies

These thin, crisp molasses cookies are often baked at Christmastime and cut into shapes. Make them year-round for a light, low-fat dessert or snack. To store these cookies for later, cover them tightly [more…]


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