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Measuring and Sifting Basics for Cookie-Making

In regular cooking, you can get away with adding a pinch of this and some of that. But in cookie baking, it's important to pay attention to the quantities of ingredients that each recipe calls for. If [more…]

Florentine Cookies

Florentines are a favorite Old World cookie. Although preparing Florentine cookies requires several steps, you won't regret the extra time, especially when you see the satisfied smiles on the faces of [more…]

Pizelles (Italian Wafer Cookies)

Pizzelles are classic Italian wafer cookies. Pizelles are baked on a specially designed iron that imprints them with a lacy design. Pizzelle irons are available in the cookware section of department stores [more…]

White Chocolate Chunk-Macadamia Nut Cookies

Macadamia nuts and white chocolate give this cookie an extra-sweet bonus. Be sure to mix the nuts and white chocolate chunks thoroughly so that they’re evenly distributed. [more…]

Mexican Wedding Cakes

These buttery cookies, called Mexican wedding cakes, are served at festive occasions. Cookies similar to Mexican wedding cakes are found around the world with different names: Russian tea cakes, Viennese [more…]

Zesty Lemon Squares

These yummy squares can satisfy any lemon craving. A soft lemon topping sits on a crunchy cookie base. Although these cookie squares aren’t complicated to prepare, they take a little extra effort because [more…]

Almond Cookies

By using vegetable shortening instead of the traditional lard in these almond cookies, this recipe creates almond cookies that are a little bit crispier — and with a lot less cholesterol. [more…]

Chocolate-Peanut Butter Coins

These delicious chocolate-peanut butter cookies work best with a natural-style or freshly ground peanut butter. You can make chocolate-peanut butter coins even more special by half-dipping them in chocolate [more…]

Carob Chipsters Drop Cookies

Carob chipsters are a slightly healthier version of chocolate chip cookies. These carob drop cookies are chewy and moist. You can find carob chips at the nearest health-food store, and you may even be [more…]

Linzer Cookies

Linzer cookies, a European specialty, are really beautiful, besides being delicious. The Linzer cookies’ scalloped edges made by round, fluted cookie cutters give them an elegant look, and the preserves [more…]

Chocolate-Apricot Rugelach

Rugelach is a special Eastern European cookie that involves a bit of effort, but it’s well worth it. This rugelach is composed of a cream cheese and butter dough and a delicious filling of nuts, dried [more…]

Hamantaschen with Poppy Seeds

Hamantaschen are triangular cookies filled with poppy seed, prune, or apricot. You first make the hamantaschen cookie dough, then you move on to the scrumptious filling. This recipe calls for fresh poppy [more…]

Date Pinwheels

Although these date pinwheel cookies take a bit of work, they’re worth it. To make your date pinwheel creation a bit easier, you can make both the filling and the dough in advance and put them together [more…]

Double Ginger Gingersnaps

These yummy gingersnap cookies are great year-round, but gingersnaps’ full-bodied flavor seems to taste best when it’s cold outside. The use of both ground and crystallized ginger makes the flavor really [more…]

How to Make No-Bake Black Forest Bites

These no-bake chocolate treats are perfect for Christmas gift baskets. Somewhere between a cookie and a truffle, these chocolate bites are a delight of Old World charm, with all the tastes of Black Forest [more…]

How to Make Double-Chocolate Brownies

These homemade double-chocolate brownies are an economical addition to holiday gift baskets. The two kinds of chocolate in this recipe make an intensely fudgy brownie. But because you really shouldn’t [more…]

How to Make Royal Icing

Royal Icing for decorating sugar cookies is easy to make and can be tinted any color. Cookies decorated with Royal Icing harden to a solid finish, making the cookies perfect for hanging on the Christmas [more…]

Classic Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing

Nothing says “Christmas” like these delectable sugar cookies with icing. Bake them for the family or offer them as small holiday gifts to friends and coworkers. Enjoy the sugar cookies plain, or dress [more…]

How to Make Cocoa Brownie Balls

Cocoa Brownie Balls are an irresistible, pop-in-your mouth holiday treat. Make a batch of these brownie balls for your Christmas cookie plate if you need to add a chocolate [more…]

How to Make Gingerbread Cutout Cookies

Making and decorating gingerbread cookies is a Christmas tradition with many families. It's holiday fun for the children, and cookies make inexpensive gifts. Crisp gingerbread is best for ornaments; roll [more…]

Deep Chocolate Shortbread Cookies

Chocolate shortbread cookies are a chocoholic's version of the classic Christmas treat. This shortbread cookie has a deep chocolate flavor with a hint of coffee. You don’t have to chill the dough before [more…]

How to Make Meringue Christmas Wreath Cookies

Make wreath-shaped meringue cookies if you're looking for a fat-free selection for the Christmas cookie plate. These meringue cookies are crisp, sweet, and satisfying. The pretty wreath shape is perfect [more…]

How to Make Christmas Snowdrop Cookies

Snowdrop cookies are a must in your Christmas cookie repertoire. These snowdrops are a buttery cookie enriched with ground pecans. Many cookies out there are similar to these, and all the variations are [more…]

Nut-Free Kourambiedes, Greek Butter Cookies

Buttery kourambiedes is a traditional Greek Christmas cookie with ground almonds or other nuts. This nut-free kourambiedes (koo-rah-bee-YEH-thehs) recipe makes cookies that are just as buttery and melt-in-your-mouth [more…]

How to Make Christmas Spritz Cookies

Buttery and tender spritz cookies are a Christmas tradition in many homes. Give them as gifts, or offer them to guests at holiday gatherings. Made with simple inexpensive ingredients, these delectable [more…]


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