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Improving Your Cookie-Baking Technique

If your cookie-baking technique consists of supermarket slice-n-bake, consider making your own. You’ll know exactly what’s in your own dough, and cookie-baking techniques will get passed on to your kids [more…]

Nutty Funnel Cakes

A summertime fairground favorite, you can make funnel cakes at home. Top your funnel cakes with cinnamon-sugar, which this recipe specifies, or confectioners’ sugar, fruit, and just about anything else [more…]

White Chocolate Chunk-Macadamia Nut Cookies

Macadamia nuts and white chocolate give this cookie an extra-sweet bonus. Be sure to mix the nuts and white chocolate chunks thoroughly so that they’re evenly distributed. [more…]

Super-Fudgy Brownies

These brownies are the quintessential fudgy brownies, with deep chocolate flavor. Eat these fudge brownies topped with ice cream and accompanied by a cold glass of milk or a cup of steaming hot coffee. [more…]

Pan de Yema

Pan de yema, a rich, sugar-coated egg bread, is delicious enough pull apart and eat like pastry. This sweet bread, pan de yema, is traditionally prepared for Day of the Dead celebrations. [more…]

Grilled Pound Cake and Fruit with Brandy Sauce

This dessert brings together a heavenly combination of grilled fruit and grilled pound cake, and a wonderful brandy sauce. This fruit and pound cake dessert can really wow your dinner guests — and they [more…]

Dark-Chocolate Mousse

This dark-chocolate mousse is light, soft, and creamy with a lot of dark chocolate flavor. You can jazz up this mousse by accompanying it with fresh raspberries or strawberries, if you want. [more…]

Mexican Wedding Cakes

These buttery cookies, called Mexican wedding cakes, are served at festive occasions. Cookies similar to Mexican wedding cakes are found around the world with different names: Russian tea cakes, Viennese [more…]

Crystallized-Ginger Crème Brûlée

This recipe takes the classic crème brûlée and bumps up the flavor with an Asian twist, crystallized ginger. Crème brûlée is a custard that’s baked in the oven, chilled until firm, and finally covered [more…]

Baked Chocolate-Hazelnut Pudding (Gianduia)

In this baked pudding, chocolate and hazelnut combine to create what Italians call gianduia. The full flavor of toasted hazelnuts and chocolate make this baked gianduia pudding to die for — especially [more…]


Most Mexican restaurants offer flan, a classic caramel-flavored, sweet and silky vanilla custard. The perfect make-in-advance dessert, flan is a soothing custard finale to spicy foods, and, as an added [more…]

Oranges in Plum Wine

This simple dessert of oranges in plum wine is easy, beautiful, and refreshing. The plum wine complements the oranges wonderfully, and you can prepare this dessert up to a day ahead of serving it. [more…]

Chocolate Silk Ice Cream

This chocolate silk ice cream is named perfectly — it’s smooth as silk and easy to eat. Whenever chocolate ice cream is called for, this fills the bill. You do need an ice cream freezer to make this dessert [more…]


Tiramisù, a creamy puddinglike concoction, layers espresso-soaked cakes with a mixture of beaten eggs, sugar, and Mascarpone cheese. Dust your tiramisù with some cocoa powder or grated bittersweet chocolate [more…]

Chocolate-Spice Bundt Cake with Orange-Ginger Caramel Sauce

A blend of warm spices gives extra zip to this chocolate Bundt cake. Because of the lovely shape the Bundt pan gives, this chocolate-spice cake needs no decoration. This recipe calls for a 10-cup Bundt [more…]

Date Squares

These baked date squares make a wholesome and satisfying dessert. The inside of the square is made up of sweet and chewy date filling, and the outside is soft and moist. [more…]

Chocolate Cream Pie

In this chocolate cream pie, a creamy chocolate filling is enclosed in a chocolate crumb crust. The contrast of smooth and crunchy textures this cream pie offers is heavenly. [more…]

Peach-Blueberry Cobbler

For this cobbler recipe, be sure the peaches and blueberries are close to fully ripe. If the fruits you’re using to make this peach-blueberry cobbler aren’t quite ripe, you may need to add a little more [more…]

Zesty Lemon Squares

These yummy squares can satisfy any lemon craving. A soft lemon topping sits on a crunchy cookie base. Although these cookie squares aren’t complicated to prepare, they take a little extra effort because [more…]

Almond Cookies

By using vegetable shortening instead of the traditional lard in these almond cookies, this recipe creates almond cookies that are a little bit crispier — and with a lot less cholesterol. [more…]

Prunes in Red Wine

In this recipe, you first soak prunes in water to make them soft. Second, you cook the prunes in red wine flavored with sugar, cinnamon, and citrus to season them. You serve the prunes in the red wine [more…]

Marble Two-Chocolate Tart

Two separate chocolate fillings are swirled together in this tart to make a striking marble effect. Although the marble two-chocolate tart looks like it may have taken all day to prepare, it’s really easy [more…]

Rustic Apple Bread Pudding

The cubes of bread give this pudding a pleasing, lumpy-bumpy texture. The fragrance and flavor of cinnamon and apples make this apple bread pudding a comfort food that you can enjoy any time of day. [more…]

Fresh Berry Granita

Italians make a frozen dessert called a granita. Granite (plural for granita) are scraped ices, much like the Italian ices sold by street vendors in North America. This granita incorporates fresh berries [more…]

Autumn Harvest Applesauce

With a bright pink blush from tart cranberries, this applesauce surely outshines anything from a jar. You sweeten this applesauce with fresh apple cider and real maple syrup. Use the crispest of apples [more…]


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