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Glossary of Fermenting Terms

Fermenting foods and beverages requires a little bit of know-how. It's definitely more complicated than grilling a chicken or baking a cake. But if you take the time to familiarize yourself with some of [more…]

Cleaning and Sanitizing Your Fermenting Tools

When fermenting, having a clean work space and tools ensures that your good bacteria outnumber the bad. Cleaning your work area and equipment is essential to for creating a delicious final product. Here [more…]

Fermenting For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Fermenting foods requires a little bit of planning, research, and preparation before you can begin. Understanding the terms used in fermenting recipes is vitally important. And once you're ready to start [more…]

The Basics of Fermenting Vegetables

Vegetable fermenting is an easy process that involves a few basic steps and a bit of time. By fermenting fresh veggies from your garden — or from your local farmer's market — you can enjoy produce that [more…]

10 Tips for Troubleshooting the Fermented Food You Make

Fermenting foods is one of those endeavors that requires patience and sometimes a little trial and error. When things don't seem to be working as you expected, check out these tips about the fermentation [more…]

How Pickling Food Differs from Fermenting Food

Picklingis the process of preserving food using a brine (saltwater) solution. The salt in pickling acts on the food by drawing out the water from its cells and kills any bad bacteria that may spoil the [more…]

How to Select Produce for Fermenting

Choose fresh produce for your ferments. The key to fermenting is that the decay is controlled. You want only good bacteria to flourish — not the bad — so make sure your vegetables aren't past their prime [more…]

Fermenting Fruit for Long-Term Storage

Fermenting fruit is a fun way to enjoy fruit beyond its expiration date and one of the only ways to make fruit last without unnatural or artificial preservatives. The [more…]

What Is a Sourdough Starter?

When you begin exploring the world of fermentations, you'll hear people talking about sourdough, sourdough starters, and wild yeasts. A sourdough starter is really just another name for any fermented grain [more…]

Soy and Fermented Soy Foods

Soy is a species of legumes, widely grown for its edible bean, which has numerous uses. Soy has traditionally been used in Asian and Japanese cultures as a condiment. Soy is added to many commercial products [more…]

Sprouting Nuts and Seeds to Eat

Nuts and seeds contain all the energy and nutrients needed to grow a plant in a concentrated form. It's as though they are asleep, waiting for the right conditions to allow them to grow. Sprouting a seed [more…]

Fermenting Potatoes and Other Roots

Both white and sweet potatoes can be fermented. You may lean towards the latter, as sweet potatoes are a rich source of vitamin A, beta carotene, and fiber, and just taste delicious. However, if they are [more…]

Serving and Storing Fermented Dairy Products

Fermented dairy products are cultured at room temperature or above. After they reach the desired fermentation, you chill them to slow the fermentation. For fermented dairy recipes, follow the recipe to [more…]

Choosing Meat, Eggs, and Ingredients for Fermenting

Choosing meats, fish, and eggs for fermenting means recognizing and choosing only the freshest cuts of meat, the freshest fish, and eggs that have been purchased soon after having been laid. [more…]

How to Make a Kombucha Beverage

Kombucha has its roots in ancient Asian tradition but has become highly popular. Today you can find kombucha where health foods are sold, where yoga's practiced, among new age crowds, and in the crafty [more…]

3 Kinds of Wine You Can Make at Home

So, you're all set to try your hand at winemaking. The following recipes can get you started with the right ingredients for delicious homemade wines, but take note: Making a bottle of wine from start to [more…]

Basic Ingredients in Homebrewed Beer

Four basic building blocks make beer — barley (malt), hops, yeast, and water. Of the four main ingredients used to make beer, barley — really, grain in general — makes the biggest contribution. [more…]

What You Need to Make Fermented Foods

The fundamental things you need to ferment foods are often the same, but there are many variations of those ingredients that can change your results. [more…]

A Quick and Easy Intro to Fermenting: Making Sauerkraut

One popular form of fermenting and pickling is done with the common cabbage. Sauerkraut is an incredible recipe that uses the process of wild fermentation, meaning that no starters are needed. [more…]

Vinegar for Pickling, Fermenting, and Cooking

True vinegar is more than the flavor behind a dill pickle. Vinegar in its raw form is actually a living food, containing the beneficial bacteria you need to digest your food properly. [more…]

How Fermented Foods Can Enhance a Healthy Diet

If fermented foods didn't taste good, they wouldn't have remained as popular or as widely used as they have for centuries and centuries. Overall, fermented foods can provide your meals with additional [more…]

Basic Containers Used in Fermenting Food

You need several types of containers for fermenting. In some recipes, containers may be called vessels. Containers are made of various substances and come in many sizes. Different types of containers are [more…]

Special Equipment for Meat Fermenting

If you're interested in making sausage and other fermented meats, you need some equipment you may not have in your kitchen already. Fermenting meat requires extra care when cleaning and sterilizing equipment [more…]

How Fermenting Differs from Salt Curing and Drying Foods

Fermenting is a glamorous term for decaying your food in a controlled method. But fermentation is not the only method of food preservation. Salt curing [more…]

Nondairy Starters for Fruit Fermentation

A starter culture is a microbiological culture that actually performs fermentation. Starters usually consist of a cultivation medium — such as grains, seeds, or nutrient liquids — that have been well colonized [more…]


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