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Fermenting For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Fermenting foods requires a little bit of planning, research, and preparation before you can begin. Understanding the terms used in fermenting recipes is vitally important. And once you're ready to start [more…]

Choosing the Best, Most Healthy Foods for Your Fermenting Projects

Have you ever picked and tasted fruit fresh from the tree? Or picked spinach straight from the soil? It sure is different from the experience of buying it in the grocery store. And when you know where [more…]

Getting Your Protein from Seeds and Nuts

Many fermenting recipes involve seeds and nuts. But most people don't realize that they're a healthy source of protein. That's right: Protein doesn't have to come from meat. Nut and seeds are a great protein-packed [more…]

Choose Locally Sourced Foods for Fermenting Projects

The practice of fermenting helps you get the most out of your food in terms of nutrients and flavor. Before you start your next fermenting project, be sure you know where your food is coming from and how [more…]

Kombucha: The Healthy Fermented Beverage

Kombucha has become a popular fermented beverage you can find in health food stores, yoga studios, and craft breweries. It is said to have many detoxifying qualities, and in small doses, this elixir is [more…]

10 Reasons to Eat Fermented Foods

There are so many reasons of why you should consider fermenting your foods. Not only can you improve your health and change your entire experience with foods and flavors, but you also get to play with [more…]

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