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How to Avoid Spoilage When Canning and Preserving Foods

Food spoilage is the deterioration in canned or preserved food that makes your food unsafe for eating. Mold, yeast, bacteria, and enzymes are the spoilers. Ingesting spoiled food can cause a wide range [more…]

How to Detect Spoilage in Home-Canned Foods

When canning foods, the chances of food spoilage are greatly reduced when you follow the precise guidelines for preserving methods. You can detect food spoilage by visually examining your jars. If you [more…]

Key Tricks for Mastering Canning and Preserving

Canning and preserving methods are simple and safe, and can produce food that’s nutritious and delicious. Mastering the techniques and becoming a successful food preserver takes time, effort, and knowledge [more…]

How to Can and Preserve Apples

Canning fresh apples is a great way to preserve large quantities of the fruit in a short period of time. Buying and canning apples when they are in season saves money, and you can be assured of the best-flavored [more…]

Canning Peaches, Apricots, and Nectarines

Peaches, apricots, and nectarines are flavorsome fruits, and by canning them yourself you can save a lot of money. Prepare canned peaches, apricots, and nectarines using a light syrup so that you can enjoy [more…]

How to Can Raspberries and Blueberries

You can use canned raspberries and blueberries to make smoothies or pies, and they make a sweet addition to oatmeal. When canning and preserving berries, you want perfect whole berries that aren't soft [more…]

How to Prepare Canned Pears

All varieties of pears can and preserve well, so use your favorite variety. After cutting and peeling the pears, treat your fruit with an antioxidant to prevent discoloring. Use a product such as Ever-Fresh [more…]

Preparing Sweet Pickle Relish

Pickle relish is a staple in many kitchens. Use this pickled treat anytime you’d use a pickle relish, on a hamburger or hot dog, in tuna salad, or when you want to add flavor to a sandwich. One advantage [more…]

How to Can Fresh Green Beans

Garden fresh green beans are a staple for any pantry. When you can green, string, Italian, or wax beans, select beans that are tender and small. Remove the ends and strings from the beans. Can them whole [more…]

Reap the Benefits of Canning and Preserving Food

Canning and preserving are ways to protect food from spoilage so that you can use the food at a later time. There’s no doubt that being able to offer fresh-tasting, home-canned, or -preserved foods to [more…]

Basic Techniques for Canning and Preserving Food

You’ll have no doubts about preparing safe home-canned and preserved food after you discover what each method does, which method is best for different foods, the rules for the technique you choose, and [more…]

Follow Canning and Preserving Rules

When you can and preserve foods, it’s important to follow all the steps for each method. You compromise the quality and safety of your food if you make your own rules. An example is when you shorten your [more…]

How to Detect Spoiled Foods

No one can promise you that your home-canned foods will always be free from spoilage, but you can rest assured that your chances for spoiled food are greatly reduced when you follow the precise guidelines [more…]

Canning & Preserving For Dummies All-in-One Cheat Sheet

Canning and preserving foods is an easy way to accumulate a healthy variety of foods for your pantry. You can store everything from herbs to fruits, vegetables to meats, in ways that preserve the flavor [more…]

Storing and Preserving Home-Grown Fruit and Veg Successfully

Here are a few important do’s and don’ts to bear in mind so that you can enjoy your produce at the planning, growing, making and eating stages, which can be several months apart: [more…]

Heeding Food Safety Warnings

Most food safety is common sense: for example, if you drop a jar on the floor and it shatters, don’t scrape up the preserve and tuck in! But some dangers are less obvious, so err on the side of caution [more…]

Storing & Preserving Garden Produce For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Storing and preserving food isn’t rocket science; with a bit of confidence and practice, you can fill your store cupboards with your own home-made jams and chutneys. You need only the desire to experience [more…]


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