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General Tips for Succeeding on the Praxis

No matter how much you study before taking the Praxis Core, that knowledge will be hazy unless you're also in good physical and emotional test-taking condition. Keep the following points in mind in the [more…]

Reviewing Math Vocabulary and Rules for the Praxis

Success on the math section of the Praxis Core exam requires knowledge of many word meanings and rules. These are some of the major word definitions and rules you need to know: [more…]

5 Tips to Keep in Mind for the Praxis Reading Section

There are no essays or short-answer portions on the Praxis reading section of the exam. Every question is multiple-choice and asks you about a brief passage, a longer passage, a pair of passages, or a [more…]

6 Tips to Keep in Mind for the Praxis Writing Section

The Praxis writing section is mainly multiple-choice questions about grammar rules, plus some more multiple-choice questions about passage-editing and research skills before the two brief essays at the [more…]

5 Tips to Keep in Mind for the Essay Portions of the Praxis Writing Test

The Praxis writing test closes with a pair of essays, and you have half an hour to write each one. The first is an open response in which you're asked to present your position on an issue. The second is [more…]

Praxis Core For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Before you get too excited, understand that the information that follows isn't actually about how to cheat on the Praxis. It's really more about the most efficient ways to prepare for the exam. But [more…]

Knowing How Angles, Lines, and Transversals Relate

A transversal is a line that intersects at least two other lines at a different point for each. That situation involves multiple angles and angle relationships. [more…]

Praxis Reading: The Right Answer Is Often the Simplest One

Preparation for the Praxis reading test comes down to advice more than hard-and-fast rules. There simply aren't rules about understanding a passage that you're asked to read. But you can prepare for any [more…]

Praxis Writing: Knowing the Big 5 Grammar Rules

The Praxis writing section is predominantly a grammar test, and grammatical rules are a matter of memorization and recognition, not common sense. If you don't know what a semicolon is for, you have no [more…]

How to Make the Most of Praxis Practice Tests

Students who want to ensure they achieve a decent passing score on the Praxis Core exam sometimes take practice tests so they can become familiar with the test content and format. Here are some tips about [more…]

10 Tips for Acing the Praxis

You have to cram a lot of information into your brain before you take the Praxis Core exam: math formulas, grammar rules, citation styles. What's a person to do? Here are ten tips that can come in handy [more…]

How is the Praxis Core Scored?

The Praxis Core exam is divided into three tests: reading, writing, and mathematics. Take careful note of the difference between our use of “exam” and “test.” Each test is scored separately, and every [more…]

Which Topics are Covered on the Praxis Core Exam?

Just like most other standardized tests you’ve taken, the Praxis Core includes long reading passages, complicated math problems, and detailed essay topics. You’ll have a set number of questions about certain [more…]

Types of Questions You Will Find on the Praxis Core Exam

The Praxis Core exam gives you multiple types of questions. Taking all of our practice tests will give you a consistent idea of what you will see on the actual test. Before you get to the practice tests [more…]

Praxis Core Prep: How to Find Factors of Whole Numbers

You will need to know how to find factors of whole numbers for the Praxis Core mathematics exam. A factor of a whole number is a whole number that can be divided into it a whole number of times. For example [more…]

10 Mistakes to Avoid on the Praxis Reading and Writing Exams

Taking the Praxis Core is an arena where your mind sometimes encourages you to do the wrong thing, and in those situations, you have to learn not to follow your instincts. These tips will help you steer [more…]

10 Common Math Errors to Avoid on the Praxis Core

Knowing how to perform certain types of math operations is a big part of solving problems correctly on the Praxis Core, but it isn’t everything. Caution is also important. Avoiding common math errors involves [more…]

Praxis Core Prep: How to Find the Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Multiple

Greatest common factor and least common multiple are phrases that tend the throw people when they go to take the Praxis Core. Two whole numbers can have factors in common. Such factors are called [more…]

Praxis Core Prep: How to Convert between Decimals and Percents

You will be faced with decimals and percents on the Praxis Core. A percent is nothing more than another way to express a fraction. For example, 100% means 100 hundredths, or 100/100, which is 1. To convert [more…]

Praxis Core Prep: How to Interpret Numeration and Place Values

You will see questions about the number line on the Praxis Core. The numbers represented by points on the number line are coordinates. The points are named not only by their coordinates, but also sometimes [more…]

Praxis Core Prep: The Order of Operations

For any math question you will face on the Praxis Core, you will need to know the order of operations. After you have the basic mathematical principles down, you’re ready to tackle the order of operations [more…]

Praxis Core Prep: Reasoning with Quantities

The Praxis Core exam tends to involve questions on the math section about quantities and how they are related. Various categories of quantities exist, and two major systems are used for measuring them. [more…]

Praxis Core Prep: How to Solve Inequalities

All men and women are created equal, but not all expressions are. Remember that when you face the Praxis Core algebra exam. An inequality is a mathematical statement in which one side is [more…]

Praxis Core Prep: Multiplying and Dividing with Terms and Expressions

How do you multiply and divide variables for the Praxis Core exam? Just as you can add and subtract terms and expressions, you can multiply and divide them. Remember that variables represent numbers, which [more…]

Praxis Core Prep: How to Solve for x and Other Variables

You will need to be able to solve for x (or any variable) on the Praxis Core exam. Solving equations is an enormous part of algebra. Understanding how to do it puts you in an excellent position for conquering [more…]


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