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Passing Exams For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Let’s face it. Exams can be very stressful — especially if you’re just starting out! While we all know that great preparation is the key to great performance, whether you’re at high school, university, [more…]

Taking Time to Relax as Part of Test Prep

As a student preparing for an exam, relaxation is an important skill for you to learn. It helps you cope with anxiety and also gets you into a receptive state [more…]

Putting the Essay Route Map Technique to Use

Do you find it difficult writing essays? With the right preparation, essay writing can be so much easier. The essay route map technique helps you plan and write essays for assignments and exams. It helps [more…]

Using the Story Method Memory Technique in an Exam

When it comes to getting A-grades on exams with essays, it pays to combine more than one preparation technique. One successful combination is to fuse an [more…]

Using Mental Rehearsal to Imagine Your Ideal Exam Performance

The wonderful thing about how your brain learns is that when you practice something for real and then practice it again in your imagination, much of the same brain processing occurs. The only difference [more…]

9 Strategies for Overcoming Common Exam Preparation Challenges

There are various challenges you may face while preparing for exams; anything from trying to make sense of a mound of course notes and ignoring external distractions, to overcoming exam-related anxiety [more…]

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