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10 Things to Do Before Taking the Military Flight Aptitude Test

Gearing up for any endeavor involves all sorts of planning, and the military flight aptitude test is no different. Here is a list of some of the most important activities to tackle before you sit down [more…]

Military Flight Aptitude Test: Block Counting

The Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT) features block-counting questions that test your ability to quickly analyze and understand a three-dimensional stack of blocks and then determine either how [more…]

Military Flight Aptitude Test: Rotated Blocks

The rotated blocks portion of the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT) measures your ability to visualize shapes in differing perspectives in space. The test shows you a block and five choices; you [more…]

Military Flight Aptitude Test: Hidden Figures

All military flight aptitude tests have at least some portion dedicated to measuring your ability to understand and visualize abstract perceptions and depth dimensions and to make inferences about hidden [more…]

Ten Ways to Maximize Your Score on the Military Flight Aptitude Test

The day has finally arrived for your Military Flight Aptitude Test! Time to put the books, study aids, and practice tests away and charge forward, confident that you’ll succeed. But even the most-prepared [more…]

Military Flight Aptitude Test: Assess Spatial Apperception

Spatial apperception questions, found on the Aviation Selection Test Battery (ASTB), measure your ability to conceptualize the relative position of an aircraft based on the outside viewpoint or sight picture [more…]

Military Flight Aptitude Test: Newton’s Laws of Motion

For the MFAT, you should be familiar with Newton's Laws of Motion. Sir Isaac Newton’s laws of motion are basic scientific principles that explain how flight is possible. Without them, no flight. [more…]

Military Flight Aptitude Test: Pre-Test Flying Lessons

The question, “Should I take flying lessons before I take the Military Flight Aptitude Test?” comes up more often — and sparks a far greater number of differing opinions — than any other subject. [more…]

Military Flight Aptitude Test: The Atmosphere

During the Military Flight Aptitude Test, you can expect questions about the atmosphere and how it relates to the aviation world. The aircraft you pilot someday will penetrate the atmosphere somewhat like [more…]

Military Flight Aptitude Test: 4 Forces Acting on an Aircraft

Four forces are necessary for an aircraft to fly, and understanding them helps you recognize the limitations you must overcome to successfully challenge the bonds of earth. Here’s a basic description of [more…]

Basic Science of Flight and the Airfoil

The airfoil — the structure commonly known as the wing — is what allows an aircraft to fly (see the figure). Basically, the airfoils travel through the air at a given speed to enable lift to occur. [more…]

Military Flight Aptitude Test: Aircraft Axes of Movement

The Military Flight Aptitude Test might include questions about the operation of fixed-wing aircraft. A fixed-wing aircraft is characterized by rigidly or semirigidly attached wings that gain lift by the [more…]

Operation of Fixed-Wing Aircraft: 3 Concepts

Here are three important aspects of understanding the operation of fixed-wing aircraft: wing types and placement, landing gear, and primary flight controls. These topics are among those questioned on the [more…]

Military Flight Aptitude Test: Flight Instruments

The Military Flight Aptitude Test will have questions about flight instruments. The early aviators didn’t have much in the way of flight instruments, but today’s pilots have more than a piece of string [more…]

Aricraft Flight Instruments and Plane Setup Concepts

When taking a military flight aptitude test, you need to understand the correlation between the aircraft flight instruments and the relative position of the airframe in 3-D perspective. You must comprehend [more…]

Military Flight Aptitude: Prefixes in the Metric System

Believe it or not, the military flight aptitude tests require you to have knowledge in a wide range of technical and scientific topics, so you need to [more…]

Military Flight Aptitude: Conversions and Equivalents

The Military Flight Aptitude Test will ask you about measurements and conversions. Need to quickly convert a metric unit to a U.S. customary one? No problem. Here are some fast conversion formulas for [more…]

Military Flight Aptitude Test: The Scientific Method and Scientific Notation

The scientific method is a formalized method for objectively observing, experimenting with, developing, and further modifying a given scientific idea, or [more…]

Military Flight Aptitude Test: The Life Sciences

Ah, the natural sciences. The following sections introduce you to some of the main branches of natural science that might be tested on the Military Flight Aptitude Test. [more…]

Military Flight Aptitude Test: Sound and Light Waves

Two common physics principles are sound and light waves. Sound waves are pressure variations that are transmitted through matter. The speed at which sound travels depends on temperature and the medium [more…]

Military Flight Aptitude Test: Decimals

Some questions on the Military Flight Aptitude Test will require you to work with decimals. You can express a fraction as either a percentage or a decimal. To convert a fraction into a decimal, just divide [more…]

Military Flight Aptitude Test: Basic Algebra

Before taking the Military Flight Aptitude Test, one subject area you should review is basic algebra. Algebra is a fun subject in which letters represent variables, and your role is to find out exactly [more…]

Commit to a Study Schedule for Military Flight Aptitude Tests

One good strategy for getting ready for whichever military flight aptitude test(s) you plan to take is set yourself up a study schedule. This suggestion will help you slowly but surely work your way up [more…]

Military Flight Aptitude: Mathematical Operations to Solve for x

The Military Flight Aptitude Test might ask questions that involve using mathematical operations or algebraic expressions. An algebraic expression is a collection of numbers and variables. You can solve [more…]

Practice Test-Taking Skills

Practice tests are a great way to both improve your knowledge and practice the test-taking strategies that you will need for the military flight aptitude tests. Take practice tests in an informal setting [more…]


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