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LSAT Test Prep: How to Formulate An Argument for Either Side of the Writing Prompt

As you learn when you study law, there’s always another side to the story. You can write equally cogent arguments on the LSAT for either position presented by the writing sample prompt. You will see two [more…]

LSAT Test Prep: Tips for Pacing Yourself through the Reading Questions

You have a little over a minute to answer each reading question on the LSAT, and that includes the time you spend reading the passage. Generally, you shouldn’t spend more than about two minutes on a passage [more…]

Tips for Recording Logic Game Rules on the LSAT

Most logic games on the LSAT have three, four, or five conditions or rules that restrict how you play with the pieces. For ordering games, the restrictions provide clues to how the pieces may be positioned [more…]

How to Approach Logical Reasoning Questions on the LSAT

Logical reasoning questions on the LSAT that ask you how to best support or damage an argument are some of the easiest to answer. You probably analyze ideas every day and think of evidence to attack or [more…]

LSAT Reading Comprehension: How to Answer Big Picture Questions

The reading comprehension section of the LSAT contains different types of questions. One you should be prepared for is the big picture question. Main idea questions and those that ask you to identify a [more…]

LSAT Reading Comprehension: How to Answer Direct Information Questions

Some LSAT reading questions ask you about specific statements from the passage. These questions are potentially the easiest type of reading question because the information you need to answer them is stated [more…]

LSAT Reading Comprehension: How to Answer Inference Questions

Reading inference questions on the LSAT ask you about information that's implied by the passage rather than directly stated. These questions test your ability to draw conclusions using evidence that appears [more…]


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