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LSAT Sample Questions

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LSAT Sample: An In/Out Grouping Game

The first few LSAT logic games you face can be a bit daunting, but remember, you can solve them by following the steps Try your skills on an in/out grouping game. [more…]

How to Answer LSAT Questions that Feature Cause-and-Effect Arguments

LSAT questions that ask you to evaluate arguments often feature cause-and-effect reasoning. If the argument uses cause and effect to make its point, focus on the causes. Almost always, the right answer [more…]

How to Answer LSAT Questions that Feature Analogy Arguments

Remember that analogy arguments on the LSAT rely on the similarity of the two persons, things, or ideas being compared. Therefore, if the author uses an analogy to reach a conclusion, answer choices that [more…]

How to Answer LSAT Questions that Feature Statistical Arguments

If you see statistics used to promote an argument on the LSAT, look for an answer that shows whether the statistics actually relate to the conclusion’s topic. If they do, you’ll strengthen the conclusion [more…]

LSAT Test Prep: Writing Prompt Example

This is a writing topic that could appear on the LSAT. This topic deals with whether the state should fund a large sporting retailer to come to the area. Read the prompt and pick your side. [more…]

LSAT Test Prep: Analytical Reasoning Sample

Analytical Reasoning is a large part of what you will encounter on the LSAT. Take a look at this sample section for a brief example of the types of questions you might see on test day. [more…]

LSAT Test Prep: Analytical Reasoning Reading Sample

Test takers spend lots of time preparing for the analytical reasoning section of the LSAT. The following example is a reading section followed by the type of questions you can expect on test day. [more…]

LSAT Test Prep: Logical Reasoning Sample Questions

The logical reasoning section of the LSAT requires lengthy preparation. You will be presented with passages to read and then asked to choose the best result. Try the following questions for some practice [more…]

LSAT Logical Reasoning Sample Questions

Before taking the LSAT, it is recommended that you do as many sample and practice items as possible. Try these logical reasoning sample questions to see the types of questions you will encounter. [more…]

LSAT Reading Comprehension Passage Practice

The LSAT has a reading comprehension section that expects you to be able to answer questions based on the readings from different passages. Take a look at these questions to get an idea of what you might [more…]

LSAT Test Prep: Reading Comprehension Practice

The reading comprehension section of the LSAT may present you with reading passages of different lengths, but the passages will all require that you be a critical reader and have good comprehension abilities [more…]

LSAT Test Prep: Logical Reasoning Practice

The logical reasoning section of the LSAT, like the other sections on the test, require practice to become proficient for test day. Take a look at these questions for a brief sample. [more…]

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