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LSAT For Dummies Cheat Sheet

A score on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT for short) is a requirement for admission to almost all U.S. law schools. Make sure your score represents your best abilities by following these tips for [more…]

Maxing Your Success on LSAT Logic Game Maximum/Minimum Questions

Occasionally, a logic game question lists five numerical answer choices. That list is your clue that you may be dealing with a question that asks for the maximum or minimum number of ways a particular [more…]

Helpful Vocabulary for the LSAT Logical Reasoning Questions

A key to successfully answering logical reasoning questions is to understand how the LSAT uses certain words. The LSAT logical reasoning section applies these terms in a near-mathematical sense. Finding [more…]

An Alternative Approach to the LSAT's Reading Questions

Some LSAT test-takers find that an alternative approach to reading questions saves them time and helps them focus on the relevant details of each reading passage. You may want to try this approach to discover [more…]

Applying Proper Grammar and Usage to Your LSAT Essay

Your position on the LSAT essay is only as clear as your writing style. Admissions officers pay attention to your grammar and usage, so follow these tips for keeping your essay crisp and clean. [more…]

Planning Your LSAT Practice Test-Taking Tactics

After you’ve learned the tools for tackling the three multiple-choice question types on the LSAT, you can solidify them by taking practice questions. If you’d like to work on one question type in particular [more…]

10 Habits of Highly Successful LSAT-Takers

Some people just naturally do well on standardized tests. They fly through the ACT and SAT (the ones you take to get into college), ace the GRE and GMAT [more…]

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