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How to Have a Successful LSAT Testing Experience

Doing well on the LSAT requires preparation. To optimize your test-taking experience and get the best score possible, follow these tips for registering for and studying for the test, getting your mind [more…]

Tips for the on Analytical Reasoning Section of the LSAT

Analytical reasoning questions may seem impossible to answer until you learn how to apply a strategic approach. With practice, determining the game type, developing a game board, and evaluating the various [more…]

Tips for the Reading Comprehension Section of the LSAT

Reading for the LSAT isn’t the same as reading for pleasure or even for college coursework. You have very little time to comprehend the material and make reasoned analyses, so make sure you keep these [more…]

Tips for the Logical Reasoning Section of the LSAT

Logical reasoning questions come in a variety of types. Each requires a slightly different approach. Review these tips to keep focus throughout the two LSAT logical reasoning sections. [more…]

Tips for the Writing Sample Section of the LSAT

The only LSAT section for which the correct answer isn’t right there in front of you is the writing sample. The Law School Admission Council (LSAC) doesn’t score your essay, but admissions committees will [more…]

LSAT For Dummies Cheat Sheet

A score on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT for short) is a requirement for admission to almost all U.S. law schools. Make sure your score represents your best abilities by following these tips for [more…]

Maxing Your Success on LSAT Logic Game Maximum/Minimum Questions

Occasionally, a logic game question lists five numerical answer choices. That list is your clue that you may be dealing with a question that asks for the maximum or minimum number of ways a particular [more…]

Helpful Vocabulary for the LSAT Logical Reasoning Questions

A key to successfully answering logical reasoning questions is to understand how the LSAT uses certain words. The LSAT logical reasoning section applies these terms in a near-mathematical sense. Finding [more…]

An Alternative Approach to the LSAT's Reading Questions

Some LSAT test-takers find that an alternative approach to reading questions saves them time and helps them focus on the relevant details of each reading passage. You may want to try this approach to discover [more…]

Applying Proper Grammar and Usage to Your LSAT Essay

Your position on the LSAT essay is only as clear as your writing style. Admissions officers pay attention to your grammar and usage, so follow these tips for keeping your essay crisp and clean. [more…]

Planning Your LSAT Practice Test-Taking Tactics

After you’ve learned the tools for tackling the three multiple-choice question types on the LSAT, you can solidify them by taking practice questions. If you’d like to work on one question type in particular [more…]

10 Habits of Highly Successful LSAT-Takers

Some people just naturally do well on standardized tests. They fly through the ACT and SAT (the ones you take to get into college), ace the GRE and GMAT [more…]

How to Organize Your Writing Sample for the LSAT

It’s always a good idea to organize your approach to the LSAT writing sample. Some of the following tips can help you do just that. Here’s a writing sample topic of the type that appears on the LSAT: [more…]

What You Should Do the Night before and Morning of the LSAT

All your preparation will be in vain if you don’t get to take the LSAT. And if you don’t feel calm and collected, you may blow questions that you should get right. So keep in mind the following checklist [more…]

What You Should Do If You are Unhappy with Your LSAT Score

What if you weren’t happy with your performance on the LSAT? You may have choked on an analytical reasoning problem and not managed to finish the section. You may have been too sick to think straight. [more…]

How to Answer Possible Listing/Assignment Logic Game Questions on the LSAT

The easiest logic game question type to answer on the LSAT is the possible listing/assignment question. It’s usually the first question of the set. You don’t need to refer to the game board to answer it [more…]

How to Answer Quantity Logic Game Questions on the LSAT

When the answers to a logic game question on the LSAT are all numbers, you’re likely dealing with a question that asks how many of the elements could occupy one of the positions in an ordering problem [more…]

How to Answer Add-a-Rule and Open Logic Game Questions on the LSAT

Some logic game questions on the LSAT are ones that either add a temporary condition or ask an open question about the original conditions. Both types ask for answers that are true, false, or possible. [more…]

Tips for Answering Analytical Reasoning Questions on the LSAT

As you tackle the logic games in the analytical reasoning section of the LSAT, follow these “to do’s” to optimize your experience and increase your chances of a better test score. [more…]

How to Answer Ordering Questions on the LSAT

You will encounter ordering questions on the LSAT/ When you’ve assembled your game board to the best of your abilities and within a reasonable time frame [more…]

How to Identify the Types of Grouping Games on the LSAT

One way to identify grouping games on the LSAT is by recognizing the language the facts and rules don’t use. Although some grouping games may also include an element of ordering, most are noticeably bereft [more…]

LSAT Sample: An In/Out Grouping Game

The first few LSAT logic games you face can be a bit daunting, but remember, you can solve them by following the steps Try your skills on an in/out grouping game. [more…]

What You Can Expect in the Logical Reasoning Sections of the LSAT

A section of logical reasoning on the LSAT contains about 25 or 26 questions that you must answer in 35 minutes. Every question consists of a short statement called an [more…]

A Systematic Approach to Logical Reasoning Questions on the LSAT

The LSAT is intended to make you think like a lawyer. What do lawyers do? They argue. They make statements and support them with evidence to convince a judge or jury that they’re right or that their opponents [more…]

Informal Logic Basics You Should Know for LSAT

You can score well on the LSAT logical reasoning questions without knowing the elements of informal logic, but if you understand a few terms and concepts, you’ll score even higher. You really just need [more…]


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