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CPA Exam For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The certified public accountant (CPA) credential is a valuable tool for you to obtain. The designation will help you pursue a career in accounting and in other areas of business. To become a CPA, you must [more…]

Understanding Variances in Accounting

A variance is defined as the difference between budgeted and actual amounts in an account balance. Keep in mind, however, that the CPA exam uses the terms [more…]

Accruals in Accounting

One frequently tested topic on the CPA exam is accrual basis accounting. Companies that need to comply with GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles) [more…]

Analytical Procedures in Accounting

An audit requires a CPA to collect audit evidence. The evidence must be sufficient for the CPA to provide an audit opinion. An audit opinion states whether the financial statements are free of material [more…]

Use Buckets to Understand Tax Concepts

The regulation (REG) test on the CPA exam requires a student to learn dozens of tax rules. One way to clarify these tax rules is to use a bucket as a learning tool. [more…]

10 Important Formulas on the CPA Exam

Here are some important formulas that often appear on the CPA exam. Understanding these formulas will help you boost your test score. These formulas are used on nearly every CPA exam, so it's an easy way [more…]

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