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Developing Critical-Thinking Strategies for the NCLEX-RN

The NCLEX-RN tests your critical-thinking skills, so you need to start thinking about your critical-thinking abilities both in providing nursing care and inserting yourself into the nursing situations [more…]

Imagining Stupid Things You Can Do to Mess Up Your GRE

Take a few minutes to consider what crazy things people do to blow the GRE exam totally. By being aware of these catastrophes, you may prevent calamity from finding its way into your test-taking experience [more…]

SAT Subject Test U.S. History: Discovering Early Explorers of the New World


About 4 percent of the questions you encounter on the SAT Subject Test in U.S. History deal with the period before European colonization. The material for the exploration age is vast, and most students [more…]

Boning Up (Er, Down) on Gravity

Gravity is a force of nature that you experience every day. It's produced by all matter in the universe and attracts all pieces of matter, regardless of type. The Earth produces gravity and so do the sun [more…]

Dealing with Analogy Questions

Analogies are a gift. Manna from heaven. Freebies. For most students, analogies are the place to rack up the points big time. The number of analogies on the computer-based GRE can vary, but you almost [more…]

GED Sample: Science

First read the passage below, then answer the practice questions that follow. [more…]

Dissecting NCLEX-RN Questions and Focusing on the Stem

Multiple-choice questions hog most of the space on the NCLEX-RN test because they're objective and efficient and can assess the depth and breadth of your understanding of curriculum content. Therefore, [more…]

SAT Subject Test Biology: Understanding Origins of Life


The theory of evolution explains how organisms change over the generations and what guides that change. Using the theory of evolution, biologists can understand why living things have the characteristics [more…]

Why You Should (Almost) Never Cancel Your GMAT Score

Immediately after you conclude the GMAT exam and before the computer displays your scores, you're given the option of canceling your scores. You may see this as a blessing if you've had a rough day at [more…]

Planning Your Attack for Problem Solving Questions

Problem Solving is a rather ritzy name for "regular" math problems. A Problem Solving question, amazingly enough, actually expects you to solve a problem. This is different from the Quantitative Comparison [more…]

Measuring Your Mind: What the SAT I Tests

Statistically, the SAT I tests whether or not you'll be successful in your first year of college. Admissions officers keep track of their students' SAT scores and have a pretty good idea which scores signal [more…]

GED Sample: Language Arts

Refer to the following excerpt, then try your hand at the practice questions that follow. [more…]

SAT Vocabulary: Putting New Words to Use in the Real World

Right now, you may not care about the real world. All you care about is getting through your SAT test. But given that you've been sweating and fretting your way through mastering a lot of new words, why [more…]

SAT Vocabulary: Studying Up on Suffixes

Are you the type of person who reads the last chapter of a book first? Do you want to know the ending of a movie before you go to see it? If so, suffixes [more…]

The Big Deal Behind the NCLEX-RN Exam

The NCLEX-RN has only one objective: to determine if you can safely operate as an entry-level nurse in the state in which you've chosen to practice. This isn't a test of your IQ or how fast you can start [more…]

Organizing Your Thoughts for the SAT Essay

Not even a half hour. All you get is 25 minutes. So when you turn to the essay, you should pick up your pen and begin to scribble furiously, right? Wrong. That advice goes against your innate [more…]

How the GMAT Testers Figure Your Score

Because the GMAT is a computer-adaptive test, your verbal and quantitative scores aren't based just on the number of questions you get right. The scores you earn are based on three factors: [more…]

Making Time for the Last Ten Questions of the GMAT

A much better approach than lavishing time on the first ten questions of the GMAT is to allow ample time to answer the last ten questions in both the verbal and quantitative sections. Because the best [more…]

Tackling a Case of Nerves: Relaxation Techniques for Taking the GMAT

You may feel a little nervous on the day of the GMAT exam, but don't worry about it, because a little nervous adrenaline can actually keep you alert. Just don't let anxiety ruin your performance. [more…]

Sailing through SAT-Day Morning

SAT-day isn't a good time to oversleep. Set the alarm clock and ask a reliable parent, guardian, or friend to verify that you've awakened on time. If you're not a morning person, you may need a few additional [more…]

Hiding in Plain Sight: SAT Question Jargon

SAT-style questions tend to repeat a few basic patterns, and if you make friends with those patterns now, you can do better on SAT-day. The following list is a sampler of the SAT's most common jargon, [more…]

Tips for Taking the Computerized GRE

In the age of electronics, even the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is computerized, and the electronic version presents questions based on your previous answers. Don’t be intimidated, though; taking [more…]

Tips for Mastering the Math Section of the GRE

Success on the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) Math section has a great deal to do with applying logic and common sense. Following are some tips for how to do your best on this section of the test: [more…]

Tips for Mastering the Analytical Writing Section of the GRE

When you sit down to begin the Analytical Writing section of the GRE (Graduate Record Examination), you must argue your perspective on an issue presented in the test and to analyze an argument as well. [more…]

Tips for Mastering the Verbal Section of the GRE

Unless you’re an English geek, the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) Verbal section probably intimidates you more than any other. But you can master the GRE Verbal questions using the following tips and [more…]


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