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Clotting Problems on the Physician Assistant Exam

The Physician Assistant Exam (PANCE) will ask questions involving too much clotting of the blood. These problems are often associated with a hypercoagulable or thrombophilic state. Medical conditions that [more…]

A Review of Hematologic Malignancies for the Physician Assistant Exam

For the Physician Assistant Exam (PANCE), you will need to know various hematologic malignancies. They include multiple myeloma, amyloidosis, leukemia, and lymphoma. They can occur together, or they can [more…]

A Review of Leukemias for the Physician Assistant Exam

Leukemias are high levels of abnormal white cells that overwhelm and overtake the bone marrow. For Physician Assistant Exam (PANCE) purposes, be familiar with four types of leukemias — two acute leukemias [more…]

Lymphoma Basics for the Physician Assistant Exam

The lymphomas are malignancies that affect the lymphatic system and will be covered on the Physician Assistant Exam (PANCE). The two major groups of lymphoma that you should be familiar with are Hodgkin’s [more…]

Spirochete Basics and Related Conditions for the Physician Assistant Exam

The spirochete-related diseases can be debilitating and disabling to the max if they aren’t detected early, as the Physician Assistant Exam (PANCE) will expect you to know. The spirochetes are Gram-negative [more…]

A Review of Bacterial Infections for the Physician Assistant Exam

Many bacterial infections exist, but for the Physician Assistant Exam (PANCE), there are seven biggies. Bacterial causes of diarrhea, especially food poisoning, can make someone deathly ill. Rheumatic [more…]

A Review of Fungal Infections for the Physician Assistant Exam

The fungal infections covered on the Physician Assistant Exam (PANCE) can be serious, causing bacteremia as well as affecting specific organs, including the lung. Some of the organisms are opportunistic [more…]

A Review of Viral Syndromes for the Physician Assistant Exam

There are many viral syndromes that you not only need to know about for the Physician Assistant Exam (PANCE), but likely have been exposed to during your life and medical career. Thank the stars for immunity [more…]

Tips for a Stress-Free Test Day

To be successful on the PSAT/NMSQT — or any test — it’s essential to be prepared. That means studying the subject matter and doing practice problems, of course, but it also means arriving on test day ready [more…]

Tackling Different Types of PSAT Test Questions

Test-writers aren’t explorers; they don’t like moving into new territory. Sad for them (they’re probably bored!), but good for you, because after you know where test-writers are comfortable, you can focus [more…]

Setting Your PSAT Test-Taking Strategy

Every correct answer you bubble on your PSAT/NMSQT earns exactly one point, whether the question is super easy or horrendously hard. Your goal is to harvest the maximum number of points from a large field [more…]

PSAT/NMSQT For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Yes, this is a cheat sheet . . . but you wouldn’t even think about cheating when you take the PSAT/NMSQT or any other test. Here you find tips on how to prepare for the exam; hints to help you navigate [more…]

Plant and Animal Facts to Remember for the AP Biology Exam

The following list contains some of the more challenging info on plants and animals that you might encounter on the AP Biology Exam. Study this list as long as you need to — if you remember this information [more…]

Atoms, Molecules, and Biochemistry to Know for the AP Biology Exam

You'll find taking the AP Biology test much less stressful if you know some key concepts that will be on the exam. Here are some important concepts to remember about atoms, molecules, and biochemistry: [more…]

Cells and Cell Cycles to Study for the AP Biology Exam

As you're studying for the AP Biology exam, keep these facts about cells and cell cycles close at hand and review them often. You never know, you may end up memorizing them all, which will help you ace [more…]

AP Biology For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The fact that you're even considering taking the AP Biology exam means you're smart, hard-working, and ambitious. The test doesn't have to be stressful if you remember some key facts about atoms, molecules [more…]

Breaking Down the MAT

The MAT tests your ability to solve analogies that are constructed from a wide variety of knowledge categories. Here's what you can expect when taking the MAT. [more…]

First Steps to Preparing for the MAT

Excelling on the MAT requires mastery of just one type of test question: the analogy. However, the analogy will be used to test your knowledge on a wide variety of subjects. Here are a few preparation [more…]

MAT Scoring and Score Reporting

Approximately two weeks after taking the MAT test, you will receive an Official Score Report. You will see two important scores, each of which is determined based on the number of questions you answered [more…]

MAT For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The Miller Analogies Test (MAT) is an aptitude test used for admission to graduate programs. Although it's perhaps lesser known than the Graduate Record Examinations [more…]

Breakdown of the ASVAB Subtests

The computerized format of the ASVAB (CAT-ASVAB) contains ten separately timed subtests, with the Auto & Shop Information subtest split in two. (Also, one small subtest is geared to Coding Speed for a [more…]

A Detailed Look at Scoring the ASVAB

After taking the ASVAB, you receive several scores, two of which are used by all the service branches — the VE (Verbal Expression) score and the AFQT (Armed Forces Qualification Test) score. Your AFQT [more…]

Ten Tips for Taking the MAT Exam

Here are some tips for what to do – and what not to do – in the final weeks and days before you take on the MAT (Miller Analogies Test).

You'll need to do more than hit the books to get into grad school [more…]

Pass Exams by Enhancing Your Performance Mindset

No matter what subjects you’re studying, whether you’re in high school, in college, at university, or facing vocational or entrance exams, to pass your exams you need to develop your exam performance mindset [more…]

Learning to Relax before an Exam

Relaxation improves learning! Don’t stop having fun, and find creative ways to relax as often as you can during the build-up to exams. To master relaxation for an exam: [more…]

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