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Food Characteristics Changed by Nanomaterials

Nanoparticles are being used to deliver vitamins or other nutrients in food and beverages without affecting their taste or appearance. These nanoparticles encapsulate the nutrients and carry them through [more…]

Nanotechnology to Grow Food

Nanotechnology research in the agriculture industry is leading to interesting developments in the use of pesticides and the application of fertilizers. These developments may reduce the use of pesticides [more…]

Nanotechnological Skin Care That Keeps You Young

Eventually, nanotechnology may help us reverse aging at a cellular level. Until that day comes, we’ll have to be content with the ways that nanotechnology is being used in cosmetics to keep our skin more [more…]

Nanotechnology Can Make Computer Displays Light-weight and Flexible

Nanotechnology might change the physical form of laptops, cell phones, and TV displays. Could a laptop computer display unroll like a portable movie screen, or could you detach it from your laptop and [more…]

Nanotechnology Can Reduce Power Consumption in Electronic Displays

Nanotechnology might change the physical form of laptops, cell phones, and TV displays. You may love those high-definition big-screen TVs, but they consume lots of power; even the display screen on your [more…]

Detect Chemical or Bacterial Contamination with Nanosensors

Nanotechnology can enable sensors to detect very small amounts of chemical vapors or bacterial contamination. Various types of detecting elements, such as carbon nanotubes, zinc oxide nanowires, or palladium [more…]

Improve Energy Generation, Distribution, and Storage with Nanotechnology

One of the fathers of nanotechnology, Dr. Richard Smalley, believed that nanotechnology might help provide a solution to the growing energy demands of the world. According to Smalley: [more…]

Soup Up Solar Cells with Nanotechnology

For solar cells to generate much of the electricity needed in the future, the cost must be reduced and efficiency increased. Nanotechnology may be able to do that. Solar cells are costly to produce and [more…]

Firing Up Fuel Cells with Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology can improve the efficiency of fuel cells in several ways. Fuel cells require the movement of ions through membranes. By using nanopores, you can limit what gets through the membranes and [more…]

Improve Energy Distribution with Nanotechnology

Generating energy is just the first step in an energy system. The second important step is getting that energy to those who need it. Nanotechnology is helping the electric transmission grid in several [more…]

Diagnostic Nano-sensors Using Nanowire

Nanotech researchers are investigating a number of nanomaterials, including nanowires, quantum dots, and iron oxide, to create nano-sensors designed to detect disease. Functionalized nanowires have been [more…]

Quantum Dots to Detect Disease

Several nanomaterials, including nanowires, quantum dots, and iron oxide, are being investigated to create nano-sensors designed to detect disease. Functionalized quantum dots have been made to fluoresce [more…]

Functionalized Iron Oxide Nanoparticles as Disease Detectors

Nanotechnology materials, including nanowires, quantum dots, and iron oxide, are being functionalized and tested for the purpose of disease diagnostics. The paramagnetic properties of functionalized iron [more…]

Make MRI Images Crisper with Iron Oxide Nanoparticles

Medical imaging has come a long way in the last hundred years. The next great improvements in imaging may be largely due to nanotechnology, which helps diagnosticians pinpoint problem spots and improve [more…]

Imaging Small Cancer Tumors with Silicon Quantum Dots

Nanotechnology researchers believe that using quantum dot–based nanoparticles in the body can help them identify smaller cancer tumors and provide better images of cancer tumors. In addition, during surgery [more…]

Nanotechnology Delivers Drugs More Efficiently

Nanotechnology is holding out the promise of some great improvements in the area of drug delivery, from lotions absorbed through the skin to time-released subcutaneous medications. [more…]

Nanotechnology Delivers Drugs to the Right Spot

Nanoechnology can help to get therapeutic drugs through cell walls, but can it help researchers find the right cells to target? Targeted drug delivery, [more…]

Nanotechnology May Make the Daily Dose Obsolete

Various nanotechnology researchers are developing nanoporous drug delivery particles. These nanopores are filled with therapeutic drugs that can be released over a period of months or years. [more…]

No-Pain Shots Possible through Nanotechnology

Drug delivery that avoids painful injections is becoming more of a reality thanks to nanotechnology. One of the medical advances portrayed on the original [more…]

Zap Diseased Cells with Targeted Heat from Nanoparticles

Researchers are looking to nanotechnology for ways to replace radiation therapy for the treatment of cancer. An interesting alternative is hyperthermia therapy made possible by advances in nanotechnology [more…]

Combat Infection with Antimicrobial Nanocapsules

Nanotechnology is being used to fight harmful bacteria that can cause infection in wounds. From falling off our tricycles to cutting our fingers with a kitchen knife, we’ve all experienced wounds — and [more…]

Preventing Diabetes with Nanotechnology

Medical researchers have turned to nanotechnology to look for a way to prevent the onset of diabetes and control abnormal blood sugar levels.

Type 1 diabetes, an autoimmune disease, is a serious health [more…]

Sequencing DNA Faster and Cheaper with Nanotechnology

Researchers are developing faster and less expensive methods for performing DNA sequencing, the process of figuring out the order of molecules that determine genetic structure. You know that your DNA predetermines [more…]

Types of Nanorobots being Developed for Use in Healthcare

Nanorobots are definitely not ready for prime time, but the vision of the day when nanorobots will be at work zapping pathogens in the bloodstream is very much alive in nanotech labs around the world. [more…]

Nanorobots being Developed to Repair Cells

Nanotechnology researchers are building nanorobots for a number of health related applications. Perhaps the most exciting of these possibilities is the potential for repairing our bodies at the cellular [more…]


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