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What Can be Done with Nanotechnology Today?

Much of what people talk about doing with nanotechnology lies in the future. However, you can find many examples of nanotechnology making a difference today. [more…]

Nanotechnology Applications Under Development

While there are many applications of nanotechnology being used today, others are still in development and may become available in only a few years to a decade or so. [more…]

Speculation on Future Nanotechnology Applications

Even though much has been accomplished in developing nanotechnology applications, much more is still deemed possible. Three of the most fascinating examples — all in the speculative phase — are the space [more…]

Shrinking Transistors with Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology researchers in the microprocessor industry have made improvements in nanolithography and changes in the nanoscale structure of the transistors that are increasing the density of transistors [more…]

Improving Computer Memory with Nanotechnology

Researchers are using nanotechnology to create other types of computer memory, attempting to leapfrog flash memory that is dominant in today’s marketplace. Various companies and universities are developing [more…]

Nano-scale Fiber Optics Connect Computer Chips

Nanotechnology researchers are planning to use nanoscale components to adapt fiber optics for carrying data within computers. The idea is to use light to carry data between microprocessor cores within [more…]

Nanotechnology Integrates Mechanical and Electrical Components with NEMS

NEMS, or nanoelectromechanical systems, are devices that integrate nanoscale mechanical and electrical components into a single component. NEMS are built on semiconductor chips using integrated circuit [more…]

Better Insulated Windows through Nanotechnology

The construction industry has much to gain from nanotechnology and so does your pocketbook. Two companies have joined to produce a window with an R-value similar to an insulated wall. [more…]

Nanotechnology Creates Thinner Walls that Hold in Heat

Aerogels using nanotechnology have applications in construction, where they can be used to insulate buildings. For example, Aspen Aerogel says that 1 inch of their Spaceloft insulation will give an R-value [more…]

Nanotech Research to Make Solar Cells Inexpensive

Various companies are using nanotechnology to develop low-cost solar cells by replacing the expensive semiconductor crystalline starting materials with less expensive materials such as semiconductor nanoparticles [more…]

Protect the Exterior of Your House with Nano-coatings

Nanotechnology is already making products better in the construction and home improvement market. One of the areas where nanotechnology has made tremendous impanct is in protective coatings for wood, stone [more…]

Keep Walls Sterile with Nano-coatings

Nanotechnology can be used to help break down bacteria on surfaces such as building walls, because certain nanoparticles can act as photocatalysts, using energy from sunlight to cause reactions between [more…]

Tile Floors Using a Nanoleveling Compound

Nanotechnology is making all kinds of improvements in construction and home improvement products. One of the most notable is a new product that reduces the need for backer board when tiling a floor. [more…]

Clean Up with Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is already being used in various cleaning products to make your life easier and have less environmental impact.

Companies are looking into using nanoparticles in soap that make it work better [more…]

Nanotechnology to Power Your Car

The automotive industry is hot on the tail of nanotechnology. Nano will help automotive manufacturers power vehicles more cost effectively, while lessening the environmental impact. [more…]

Nanotechnology Makes Cars Shinier, Safer, More Fuel Efficient

Nanotechnology will help automotive manufacturers make the paint last longer, decrease the rust factor, make windows easier to clean, make stronger tires, and make bodies lighter weight and thus, more [more…]

Sleeker Sporting Goods through Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology and sporting goods are a logical match when you consider that nano can make things lighter, bouncier, stronger, or more flexible. From tennis to skiing, nanotechnology is a player. [more…]

Nanotechnology Makes Fabric Water and Stain Resistant

Manufacturers are using a few nanotechnology methods for making clothing water and stain resistant. Two companies turn to the lotus leaf for inspiration, while another takes its cue from peaches. Both [more…]

Fabric that Produces or Stores Electricity

Due to the science of nanotechnology, the possibility of creating fabric that produces energy, along with the potential for fabric to store energy, has become a reality. The products already being produced [more…]

Nano-weight Clothing That Keeps You Warmer

Nanotechnology research has produced a material used in a number of insulating applications. The material, known as aerogel, can be used in the walls of your house to keep your home warm or in the fibers [more…]

Clothing Nanomaterials that Counteract Odors

Thanks to modern science and nanotechnology, you may soon be able to smell like a rose even when running in your tracksuit or doing yard work on a hot August day. [more…]

Use Nanotechnology to Make Fabric Act Like Skin

When you talk about skin-tight clothing, you’re using an apt metaphor. But when nanotechnology research scientists talk about it, they are developing new products. They want to create a fabric in which [more…]

Nanotechnology in the Food Industry

Most major food companies are not performing or funding nanotechnology research into improving food. There are some very logical applications of nanotechnology to food science, but regulatory and market [more…]

Nanotechnology in Food Packaging

The use of nanomaterials in food packaging is already a reality. For example, bottles made with nanocomposites minimize the leakage of carbon dioxide out of the bottle, increasing the shelf life of carbonated [more…]

Nanotechnology to Sense Food Impurities

Nanotechnology is being used to develop solutions to one of the big challenges in food science — detecting the kind of impurities that can spread contagions such as salmonella. [more…]


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