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What Is Biomechanics in the Study of Biophysics?

Biomechanics, which is the study of the interaction of biological organisms with their surroundings, is an important area of biophysics. A solid understanding of biomechanics is important for people interested [more…]

Study of Fluids in Biophysics

Gasses and liquids are considered fluids. If you have ever watched smoke rise from a fire or a stick float down the river, you can see the way the fluid moves can be very complicated. The good news is [more…]

How Biophysics Relates to Sound Waves

The ability of people to produce and hear sound is a very important part of everyday lives. Biophysics tells you what the properties of waves are, and it tells you that [more…]

What Are Some Biophysical Sources of Energy?

Biophysics has many different sources of energy, which involves converting forms of energy into electrical and magnetic energy, or vice versa. The following list covers a few of these common energy sources [more…]

Biophysics For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Biophysics is the union of biology and physics. Physics is the study of the laws that the natural universe obeys, whereas biology is the study of life. Biophysics is an attempt to understand the laws that [more…]

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