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Biomechanics For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Biomechanics has all kinds of practical applications — from the construction of running shoes to ankle braces to low-back pain to weightlifting. Knowing how the body moves because of the forces applied [more…]

Composing a Resultant Force Vector from Multiple Vectors

Solving for the resultant force created when multiple forces act on a body involves several steps. The steps include using the tools of math and trigonometry to work with force vectors. Using a systematic [more…]

Calculate Muscle Force at the Elbow Joint When Holding a Dumbbell

In biomechanics, a common word problem to be solved involves calculating the magnitude of the muscle force required to hold a weight in the hand. A typical problem is worded something like this: [more…]

Types of Motor Units

Each muscle in the body includes many motor units. A motor unit consists of a group of individual muscle fibers that are activated by a single motor neuron. When stimulated by an action potential transmitted [more…]

How to Turn Around in Outer Space

Astronauts float around the interior of the space shuttle because they’re in a gravity-free environment. This creates a unique problem for the astronauts trying to get work done up there: how to turn around [more…]

10 Basic Principles of Biomechanics

The following ten principles of biomechanics provide a solid basis for looking at performance, whether it's coaching, teaching, rehabilitation, teaching a kid in the driveway, or watching a sporting event [more…]

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