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The Bootstrap Method for Standard Errors and Confidence Intervals

You can calculate the standard error (SE) and confidence interval (CI) of the more common sample statistics (means, proportions, event counts and rates, and regression coefficients). But an SE and CI exist [more…]

Two Views of Probability

Two quite different ideas about probability have coexisted for more than a century. These probability approaches, which differ in several important ways, are as follows: [more…]

Trying the Simulation Approach in Statistical Analysis

Modern statistical software makes it easy for you to analyze your data in most of the situations that you’re likely to encounter (summarize and graph your data, calculate confidence intervals, run common [more…]

Model Building with Stepwise Regression

One of the reasons (but not the only reason) for running a multiple regression analysis is to come up with a prediction formula for some outcome variable, based on a set of available predictor variables [more…]

10 Names Every Biostatistician Should Know

Biostatistics, in its present form, is the cumulative result of four centuries of contributions from many mathematicians and scientists. Some are well known, and some are obscure; some are famous people [more…]

Estimating Sample-Size Requirements with a Handy Calculator

While many programs, apps, and web pages are available to perform power and sample-size calculations, they aren’t always easy or intuitive to use. Because spreadsheets like Excel are readily available [more…]

Biostatistics For Dummies Cheat Sheet

To estimate sample size in biostatistics, you must state the effect size of importance, or the effect size worth knowing about. If the true effect size is less than the “important” size, you don’t care [more…]

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