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Advanced Stargazing: Astrophotography Camera Types

When you’re moving beyond stargazing and into astrophotography, choosing the right camera for is often difficult. Three basic camera types allow you to do something a little different: [more…]

Stargazing: What is the Twilight Zone?

Even if you’re not into stargazing, you’ve heard of the Twilight Zone. Is it real? Yes, but not in a spooky way. Just after the Sun sets in the evening or just before it rises in the morning, the sky is [more…]

Stargazing: How are the Not-So-Bright Stars Named?

Constellations have a lot more stars than the Greek alphabet has letters, so once all the brighter ones have been given a Bayer letter, astronomers have to use a different system for naming stars. As a [more…]

9 Stargazing Marvels to Look For under a Dark Sky

Following are ten things to look for the next time you’re lucky enough to be out stargazing under a dark sky. You will have to travel to see everything discussed here: some are only visible from certain [more…]

10 Stargazing Targets for New Stargazers

As an excited newcomer to stargazing, you’ll want to get outside and start straight away. Here’s a quick list of targets that you can tick off on your way to mastering the night sky. If you’re hunting [more…]


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