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How Nanotechnology Maximizes Surface Area

The tiny nature of nanoparticles results in some useful characteristics, such as an increased surface area to which other materials can bond in ways that make for stronger or more lightweight materials [more…]

Nanotechnology Reduces Pore Size in Materials

Porous materials have holes that water or other liquids can seep through. Materials containing nano-sized holes — called nanopores — offer some intriguing possibilities for the way in which pores can be [more…]

Modify Material Properties with Nanotechnology

The properties of nanoparticles can be customized for use in a particular nanotechnology application by bonding molecules to the nanoparticles in a process called [more…]

Customize Structure of Coatings and Films with Nanotechnology

Using nanotechnology techniques and processes, nanoparticles can be created and incorporated into coatings and films to come up with new or improved products. [more…]

Self-Assembly: How Nanoparticles Make Their Own Arrangements

Nanotechnology scientists recognized that some properties of atoms and molecules enable them to arrange themselves into patterns. For example, if you pour a solution containing organic molecules that have [more…]

Mechanosynthesis: Building New Materials with Nanotechnology

Nanotech researchers are working on building molecular assemblers that use tiny manipulators to precisely position atoms and molecules to build an object from the atoms up. [more…]

Nanorobots in a Utility Fog

Nanotechnology scientist, J Storrs Hall, designed a nanorobot that could work with other nanorobots to create just about anything. Because they are so useful, many nanotechnologists call them utility nanorobots [more…]

Nanotechnology Integrates Nanoparticles into Materials

Nanotechnology researchers have discovered that weaving some materials, like cables and wires, with nanoparticles can result in stronger, lighter weight products. In addition, soaking fabrics with nanoparticles [more…]

Shrinking Transistors with Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology researchers in the microprocessor industry have made improvements in nanolithography and changes in the nanoscale structure of the transistors that are increasing the density of transistors [more…]

Improving Computer Memory with Nanotechnology

Researchers are using nanotechnology to create other types of computer memory, attempting to leapfrog flash memory that is dominant in today’s marketplace. Various companies and universities are developing [more…]

Nano-scale Fiber Optics Connect Computer Chips

Nanotechnology researchers are planning to use nanoscale components to adapt fiber optics for carrying data within computers. The idea is to use light to carry data between microprocessor cores within [more…]

See at the Nano Level with Electron Microscopy

In the tiny world of nanotechnology, the first need for researchers is to see what they’re working with. Microscopes being used in nanotech labs today do just that. They come with handy acronyms such as [more…]

Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) in the Nanotechnology Lab

Most nanotechnology labs will have two kinds of microscopes for viewing materials at the nano level — the scanning electron microscope (SEM) and the atomic force microscope [more…]

Track Molecular Fingerprints with Spectroscopy

When nanotechnology researchers build a new nanomaterial, they want to verify its structure. Microscopes such as SEMs and AFMs can give them visual information about the structure of the new material, [more…]

Move Atoms with Scanning Tunneling Microscope (STM)

To achieve the bottom-up vision of nanotechnology (the capability to build materials by manipulating atoms) involves moving atoms and molecules to precise locations. The STM [more…]

Molecular Assembly in a Nanotechnology Laboratory

When researchers can move atoms around, the potential for manufacturing at the nano level gets really interesting. After researchers demonstrated the ability to move atoms, the next logical step was toward [more…]

Scientists Construct Nanotechnology Robots

If you think robots are cool, you’ll be interested to hear that nanotechnology researchers are developing cell-sized nano-robots that have a propulsion system, sensors, manipulators, and possibly even [more…]

Create Nano-Sized Features on Computer Chips Using Nanolithography

The semiconductor industry has been in the nanotechnology business for years. They use tools and processes to etch nano-sized patterns on silicon wafers coated with a material called photoresist. Those [more…]

Nanotechnology Integrates Mechanical and Electrical Components with NEMS

NEMS, or nanoelectromechanical systems, are devices that integrate nanoscale mechanical and electrical components into a single component. NEMS are built on semiconductor chips using integrated circuit [more…]

Better Insulated Windows through Nanotechnology

The construction industry has much to gain from nanotechnology and so does your pocketbook. Two companies have joined to produce a window with an R-value similar to an insulated wall. [more…]

Nanotechnology Creates Thinner Walls that Hold in Heat

Aerogels using nanotechnology have applications in construction, where they can be used to insulate buildings. For example, Aspen Aerogel says that 1 inch of their Spaceloft insulation will give an R-value [more…]

Nanotech Research to Make Solar Cells Inexpensive

Various companies are using nanotechnology to develop low-cost solar cells by replacing the expensive semiconductor crystalline starting materials with less expensive materials such as semiconductor nanoparticles [more…]

Protect the Exterior of Your House with Nano-coatings

Nanotechnology is already making products better in the construction and home improvement market. One of the areas where nanotechnology has made tremendous impanct is in protective coatings for wood, stone [more…]

Keep Walls Sterile with Nano-coatings

Nanotechnology can be used to help break down bacteria on surfaces such as building walls, because certain nanoparticles can act as photocatalysts, using energy from sunlight to cause reactions between [more…]

Tile Floors Using a Nanoleveling Compound

Nanotechnology is making all kinds of improvements in construction and home improvement products. One of the most notable is a new product that reduces the need for backer board when tiling a floor. [more…]

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