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Macroeconomics and Government Policy

Economists use gross domestic product (GDP) to keep track of how an economy is doing. GDP measures the value of all final goods and services produced in an economy in a given period of time, usually a [more…]

The Essentials of Understanding Australia’s Political System

Politics isn’t hard. It can just be a bit confusing sometimes. With so many rules and levels of government, knowing who does what can be difficult. By examining the rules of the game, you’ll be better [more…]

Voting in Australian Elections

Voting is the cornerstone of a democratic system. But Australia has different methods of voting in elections, as well as having many elections. Here are a few tips so you’ll go into a polling booth with [more…]

Considering Australian Political Parties and You

Parties are crucial to Australian politics and play a critical role in Australia’s democratic system. Despite common belief, all parties are not the same. Hey, you might even decide to join a political [more…]

The Role the Media Plays in Australian Politics

Politics is one of the most widely reported topics in the media. Examine how the different media present the news, as well as how politicians try to influence how news is reported. Understanding certain [more…]

Understanding Australian Political Campaigns

The campaign period is showtime for political parties and politicians. It provides them with the opportunity to propose the policies and changes they hope to implement if they’re elected. Some of the important [more…]

Australian Politics For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Politics — it’s everywhere. It affects everything in society, like taxes, the environment, health, education, the economy, international affairs, security and everything in between. So, knowing how political [more…]

Women's Suffrage and the Nineteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

Did women first get the right to vote in the United States as a result of the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment in 1920? Yes and no. The Nineteenth Amendment gave the right to vote to all women [more…]

Who Governs Australia while a Hung Parliament is Resolved

The Australian federal (and state) government doesn’t stop just because an election has resulted in a hung parliament. When an election is called in Australia, the prime minister [more…]

Forming a Government in Australia after a Hung Parliament

In the federal and state governments in Australia, resolving a hung parliament in which no party garnered enough votes to form a majority government takes one of two courses: A coalition government is [more…]

Calling a Vote of No Confidence in Australian Politics

In the Australian parliament, a vote of no confidence occurs when a Member of Parliament (MP) — usually from the opposition and usually the opposition leader — moves that the business of the lower house [more…]

The Role of the Governor in a Hung Parliament in Australia

The Australian Constitution and individual state constitutions define how a governor and governor-general can be involved in the matter of resolving a deadlocked parliament. Under the conventions of Westminster [more…]

What Constitutes a Hung Parliament in Australian Politics

In the Australian political system, a parliament is considered ‘hung’ if no party or coalition or combination of parties has won enough seats to enable it to muster enough members to have a majority in [more…]

Seek Legal Advice in the UK for Certain Situations

Obtaining legal advice is going to be a necessity for you in certain situations in the UK. Here is a list of situations in which it makes sense for you to seek advice: [more…]

The UK’s Top Ten Rights

Here is a list of ten of the most important rights that citizens of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland benefit from having: [more…]

Your Best Sources of Legal Help and Advice in the UK

As a United Kingdom citizen, you have several sources of assistance when you need legal advice or help with matters of the law or your rights. Here are some resources to keep in mind: [more…]

UK Law and Your Rights For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The law in the United Kingdom gives citizens their rights and the means of protecting and enforcing those rights. This Cheat Sheet gives you some of the most important information about the law and your [more…]

Linking Macroeconomics and Government Policy

Macroeconomics studies national economies, concentrating on economic growth and how to prevent and ameliorate recessions. Governments fight recessions and encourage growth using monetary policy and fiscal [more…]

American Tea Party Movement Protests Big Government, Big Spending

The Tea Party movement mobilizes frustrated Americans fed up with big government to oppose increases in government spending and the growing national debt. This largely conservative group also thinks the [more…]

Collective Bargaining Basics: Labor Unions Negotiate Employee Contracts

Collective bargaining refers to negotiations between an employer and a group of employees to determine conditions of employment, such as wages, working hours, overtime, holidays, sick leave, vacation time [more…]

How Gas Prices Are Determined

Gas prices increase every summer, and oil companies report record profits just as Americans are preparing for the summer travel season. The two events — rising fuel prices and increasing travel by Americans [more…]

What is the Federal Election Commission?

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) is an independent agency created in 1975 by the U.S. Congress to regulate election campaign finance in the United States. The mission of the FEC is to administer and [more…]

What Is the U.S. Debt Ceiling?

The debt ceiling, legally known as the debt limit, is the total amount of money that the U.S. government is authorized to borrow to pay existing obligations, such as Social Security and Medicare benefits [more…]

What Does the U.S. Credit Rating Downgrade Really Mean?

In August 2011, the United States’ credit rating was downgraded by the credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s (S&P) from AAA to AA+, or down one level. Because this is the first time in American history [more…]

Getting Called for Jury Duty

Fulfilling a call to jury duty is a civic responsibility that enables you to participate in the judicial process. Receiving a summons for jury duty, however, typically prompts this reaction: “How do I [more…]

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