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How to Distribute Variables

Distributing variables over the terms in an algebraic expression involves multiplication rules and the rules for exponents. When different variables are multiplied together, you can write them side by [more…]

How to Perform Distribution in Algebra

Distributing items is an act of spreading them out equally. Algebraic distribution means to multiply each of the terms within the parentheses by another term that is outside the parentheses. To distribute [more…]

How to Distribute Positive and Negative Numbers

When performing distribution, be aware of the sign being distributed and how that sign affects each term. Distributing a positive sign makes no difference in the signs of the terms — the signs stay the [more…]

When to Distribute or Add First in Algebraic Distribution

When performing algebraic distribution, you get the same answer whether you distribute first or add what’s within the parentheses first. Deciding to distribute or add is a judgment call, based on the following [more…]

How to Distribute Negative Signs with Variables

When you use negative signs and multiple variables in algebraic equations, the problems can look scary. Don’t worry, though. All you need to do is distribute the negative sign through, changing the signs [more…]

How to Simplify Negative Exponents with Variables

Distributing with negative exponents means that you'll have fractional answers. A base that has a negative exponent can be changed to a fraction. The base and the exponent become the denominator, but the [more…]

How to Distribute Trinomials

A trinomial, a polynomial with three terms, can be distributed over another expression. Each term in the first factor is distributed separately over the second factor, and then the entire expression is [more…]

How to Distribute a Polynomial

Distributing a polynomial isn't hard. When distributing a polynomial over any number of other terms, you distribute each term in the first factor over all of the terms in the second factor. When the distribution [more…]

How to Distribute with Fractional Powers or Radicals

Distribution problems with fractional powers or radicals aren't as intimidating as they look. When distributing with fractional powers or radicals, remember that exponents that are fractions work the same [more…]

How to Distribute Binomials

When you distribute in algebra, you multiply each of the terms within the parentheses by another term that is outside the parentheses. So, when you distribute a binomial over several terms, you just apply [more…]

How to Recognize a Perfectly Squared Binomial

Recognizing a perfectly squared binomial can make life easier. When you recognize a perfectly squared binomial, you've identified a shortcut that saves time when distributing binomials over other terms [more…]

Finding the Sum and Difference of the Same Two Terms

When distributing binomials over other terms, knowing how to find the sum and difference of the same two terms is a handy shortcut. The sum of any two terms multiplied by the difference of the same two [more…]

How to Find the Sum of Two Cubes

Spotting a distribution that results in the sum of two cubes is a shortcut to solving distribution problems. To recognize what distribution results in the sum of two cubes, look to see if the distribution [more…]

How to Find the Difference of Two Cubes

An expression that results in the difference between two cubes is usually pretty hard to spot. The difference of two cubes is equal to the difference of their cube roots times a trinomial, which contains [more…]

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