Order of Operations

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How to Reorder Operations with the Commutative Property

The commutative property makes working with algebraic expressions easier. The commutative property changes the order of some numbers in an operation to make the work tidier or more convenient — all without [more…]

How to Apply the Associative Property

The associative property comes in handy when you work with algebraic expressions. Use the associative property to change the grouping in an algebraic expression to make the work tidier or more convenient [more…]

Order of Operations in Algebra

Solve algebra problems correctly by following the order of operations. When performing more than one operation on an algebraic expression, work out the operations and signs in the following order: [more…]

Permutations When Order Matters

Permutations involve taking a specific number of items from an available group or set and seeing how many different ways the items can be selected and then arranged. [more…]

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