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Algebra II: Basics of Logarithms and Exponents

Before handheld calculators, students used tables of logarithms (or logs) to do calculations in physics and other science classes. Those tables of logarithms allowed you to do multiplication or division [more…]

Algebra II: Making Matrices Work for You

A matrix is a rectangular array of numbers. Each row has the same number of elements, and each column has the same number of elements. Matrices can be classified as: square, identity, zero, column, and [more…]

10 Pitfalls to Avoid When Working with Exponents

In algebra, the rules used when working with exponents are straightforward and consistent. Challenges arise, though, when applying the rules or knowing how to apply the rules in situations where the problem [more…]

Algebra II: Hidden Intersections of Curves

When solving systems of equations, you have several options at your disposal for finding those common solutions. Linear systems can be solved by hand, algebraically, using elimination, or substitution [more…]

Algebra II Workbook For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Learning some algebraic rules for various exponents, radicals, laws, binomials, formulas, and equations will help you successfully study and solve problems in an Algebra II course. You should also be able [more…]

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