Algebra Basics

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How to Use the Order of Operations

Follow the order of operations with each algebra problem you solve. The order of operations in algebra is important if you want to find the correct answer. You first work through any grouping symbols, [more…]

Eight Basic Algebraic Curves

Algebra is all about graphing relationships, and the curve is one of the most basic shapes used. Here's a look at eight of the most frequently used graphs. [more…]

Algebra Equations for Multiplying Binomials

In algebra, multiplying binomials is easier if you recognize their patterns. You multiply the sum and difference of binomials and multiply by squaring and cubing to find some of the special products in [more…]

How to Remember the Order of Operations

You have to follow the order of operations with each algebra problem you solve. Following the order of operations in algebra ensures that anyone reading a mathematical expression can solve it the same [more…]

How to Determine What Variables Represent

Algebra uses letters, called variables,to represent numbers that correspond to specific values. Algebraic variables can represent the unknown and what you’re solving for in an algebra problem, as well [more…]

Grouping Symbols in Algebra

Grouping symbols organize an algebra problem that contains multiple groups. Algebraic grouping symbols — parentheses, brackets, braces, radicals, and fraction lines — show where a group starts and ends [more…]

How to Determine Absolute Value

In algebra, the absolute value operation tells you how far a number is from zero. It doesn’t pay any attention to whether the number is less than or greater than zero, and so absolute values are always [more…]

Recognizing Operational Symbols in Algebra

The basics of algebra involve symbols. Algebra uses symbols for quantities, operations, relations, or grouping. The symbols are shorthand and are much more efficient than writing out the words or meanings [more…]

How to Solve Algebra Problems with Grouping Symbols

Grouping symbols organize an algebra problem that contains multiple groups. These grouping symbols — parentheses (), brackets [], braces {}, radicals (the square root symbol), and fraction lines — show [more…]

Recognizing Relationship Symbols in Algebra

Algebraic relationship symbols show how numbers or terms of an equation relate to each other. The relationship symbols show if one value is larger, smaller, equal, or approximately equal to another value [more…]

How to Work with Coefficients

Algebra simplifies expressions with coefficients, which are numbers preceding variables. For example, 3 is the coefficient in 3x. Rather than using a multiplication sign between 3 and [more…]

How to Use Opposite Operations

When solving an equation in algebra, you will often use an opposite operation such as additive inverse or multiplicative inverse (reciprocal) to work your way toward the answer. You have to undo operations [more…]

Understanding Basic Algebra Vocabulary

Knowing basic algebra vocabulary can help you translate key algebra words into algebra problems. By knowing the definitions of algebra vocabulary in this list, you will be able to construct and solve algebra [more…]

Algebra Formulas Worth Memorizing

Some formulas occur frequently when you're doing algebraic manipulations and working through mathematical applications. You'll find ways to use these algebra formulas even when you're doing something other [more…]

Formulas for Common Geometric Shapes

Depending on the algebra problem, you'll need to know some geometry. The following represents some of the most common shapes in geometry and their formulas for perimeter, area, volume, surface areas, and [more…]

Order of Operations in Algebra

When creating simpler and more useful expressions, you want to be careful not to change the original value. By applying the order of operations, you maintain that value. [more…]

Selected Math Formulas Step by Step

Algebraic formulas make life (and algebra) simpler. You save time by not having to perform more complicated tasks. When using the formulas, use the appropriate rules for simplifying algebraic expressions [more…]

The Basics of Solving Algebra I Equations

One of the most common goals in algebra I is solve an equation. Solving an equation means to identify the number or numbers you can replace the variable with to make a true statement. You'll find factoring [more…]

9 Number Systems in Algebra to Know

A number system in algebra is a set of numbers — and different number systems are used to solve different types of algebra problems. Number systems include real numbers, natural numbers, whole numbers, [more…]

Understanding the Vocabulary of Algebra

Equations, operations, variables, constants . . . . Knowing the symbols and expressions used in algebra makes understanding algebra easier. This video explains some of the common phrases and symbols you'll [more…]

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