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Trig Identities

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When to Factor a Trigonometry Identity

You’ll know that you need to factor a trig identity when powers of a particular function or repeats of that same function are in all the terms on one side of the identity. [more…]

Break Up or Combine Fractions to Solve a Trigonometry Identity

A trig identity with fractions can work to your advantage; you’re given a plan of attack. You can work toward getting rid of the fraction and, in the process, solve the problem. Two of the main techniques [more…]

How to Remove a Third Angle to Solve a Trigonometry Identity

Sum and difference identities usually involve two different angles and then a third combined angle. When proving these trig identities, you often need to get rid of that third angle. The following example [more…]

Find Opposite-Angle Trigonometry Identities

The opposite-angle identities change trigonometry functions of negative angles to functions of positive angles. Negative angles are great for describing a situation, but they aren’t really handy when it [more…]


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