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Statistical Analysis with Excel For Dummies Extras

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Statistical Analysis with Excel For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Excel offers a wide range of statistical analysis tools and functions you can use to add a single value or an array of values to your Excel worksheets. You can download even more tools with the Excel Analysis [more…]

Stem-and-Leaf Plots Present a Distribution of Scores in Excel

Stem-and-leaf displays organize data so that an entire distribution of scores is quickly and easily comprehensible. The display breaks each score into two components: a [more…]

Box-and-Whisker Charts for Excel

Excel doesn’t offer a box-and-whisker chart. Instead, you can cajole a type of Excel chart into boxes and whiskers. Instead of showing the mean and the standard error, the [more…]

Data Smoothing in Excel

Statisticians typically have to look at large masses of data and find hard-to-see patterns. Sometimes an overall trend suggests a particular analytic tool. And sometimes that tool, although statistically [more…]

How to Perform Analyses of Variance with Two Kinds of Variables

What happens when you are performing analyses of variance (ANOVA) and you have a Between Groups variable and a Within Groups variable . . . at the same time? How can that happen? [more…]

How to Perform Analyses of Variance in Excel

Someday, Excel’s Analysis ToolPak might have a choice labeled ANOVA: Mixed Design. That day, unfortunately, is not today. To run two ANOVAs on the same data and combine the ANOVA tables, follow these steps [more…]

How to Graph the Results of Analyses of Variance in Excel

Because analyses of variance (ANOVA) isn’t a built-in tool, Excel doesn’t produce the descriptive statistics for each combination of conditions. You have to have those statistics [more…]

Post-Analysis after an Analysis of Variance

A significant result in an analysis of variance (ANOVA) in Excel tells you that an effect is lurking somewhere in the data. Post-analysis tests tell you where. Two types of tests are possible — either [more…]

Analysis of Variance for Mac Users of Excel

You can use StatPlus LE to do analysis of variance in Excel on a Mac. The first thing you have to do, however, is rearrange the data the way StatPlus likes it — in columns. The second thing is to recode [more…]

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