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Multivariable Calculus

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Describe Second-Order Circuits with Second-Order Differential Equations

If you can use a second-order differential equation to describe the circuit you’re looking at, then you’re dealing with a second-order circuit. Circuits that include an inductor, capacitor, and resistor [more…]

How to Solve Differential Equations Using Op Amps

The op amp circuit can solve mathematical equations fast, including calculus problems such as differential equations. To solve a differential equation by finding [more…]

How to Solve Linear Systems Using Substitution or Elimination

When solving linear systems, you have two methods — substitution or elimination — at your disposal, and which one you choose depends on the problem. If the coefficient of any variable is 1, which means [more…]

How to Solve Nonlinear Systems

In a nonlinear system, at least one equation has a graph that isn’t a straight line — that is, at least one of the equations has to be nonlinear. Your pre-calculus instructor will tell you that you can [more…]

Solving Systems of Equations Using Determinants: Cramer's Rule

If your pre-calculus teacher asks you to solve a system of equations, you can impress him or her by using Cramer's rule instead of using a graphing calculator. [more…]


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