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How to Convert between Percents and Decimals

It is easy to convert percents to decimals and decimals to percents. For example, to convert a percent to a decimal, you drop the percent sign (%) and move the decimal point two places to the left. That’s [more…]

How to Convert from Percents to Fractions

Converting percents to fractions is fairly straightforward. Remember that the word percent means “out of 100.” So changing percents to fractions naturally involves the number 100. [more…]

Calculate Percentages Using Addition and Subtraction

Many real-life problems involve adding and subtracting percents. For example, percents can represent answers in polls, votes in an election, or portions of a budget, and the total often has to add up to [more…]

Multiply Decimals and Percents in Word Problems

The word of in a word problem usually means multiplication. This idea is also true in word problems involving decimals and percents. The method for solving these two types of problems is similar, as you’ll [more…]

How to Determine a Salary Increase Based on a Percentage

If you need to calculate someone’s salary increaseor raise based on the percentage of the raise, you can do this using the distributive property. Here’s an example: [more…]

How to Calculate Interest on Top of Interest

When you receive interest from the bank, you get more money. And when you earn interest on the interest you earned earlier, this makes the dollar amounts grow even faster. Here’s an example: [more…]

How to Calculate a Percentage Discount

You can use subtraction to calculate a percentage discount. In fact, when you hear the words discount or sale price, you should automatically think of subtraction. Here’s an example: [more…]

How to Simplify Numbers Using Scientific Notation

When working with extremely large or small numbers, you can save on time and space — and make calculations easier — by using scientific notation. As you will see, it uses both decimals and exponents to [more…]

How to Convert Fractions into Percents

Converting a fraction to a percent is a simple two-step process. The first example below shows how to convert a simple fraction, and the second example shows how to convert a more complex fraction using [more…]

How to Solve Percent Problems

A lot of percent problems turn out to be easy to solve when you give them a little thought. In many cases, just remember the connection between percents and fractions and you’re halfway home: [more…]

Use the Percent Circle to Solve Percent Problems

The percent circle is a simple visual aid that helps you make sense of percent problems so that you can solve them easily. The three main types of percent problems are finding the ending number, finding [more…]

Estimating Taxes and Discounts When Shopping

When you go shopping, you're often faced with discounts and sales offers that change the price of an item. In addition, many states in the United States charge sales tax, and if you're shopping abroad, [more…]

Basic Math Tips: Percents

Percents are commonly used in business to represent partial amounts of money. They're also used in statistics to indicate a portion of a data set. As you practice basic math problems, you'll discover that [more…]

Making Sense of Percents

The word percent literally means "for 100," but in practice, it means closer to "out of 100." For example, suppose that a school has exactly 100 children — 50 girls and 50 boys. You can say that [more…]

Dealing with Percents Greater than 100%

What about percentages more than 100%? Well, sometimes percentages like these don't make sense. For example, you can't spend more than 100% of your time playing basketball, no matter how much you love [more…]

3 Types of Percent Problems

When you boil them down, nearly all percent problems are like one of the three types shown in the following table. In each case, the problem gives you two of the three pieces of information, and your job [more…]

Word Problems about Multiplying Fractions

In word problems, the word of almost always means multiplication. So whenever you see the word of following a fraction, decimal, or percent, you can usually replace it with a times sign. [more…]

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